Preparing For Your First Soccer Camp- Equipment Checklist For Beginners

Preparing For Your First Soccer Camp- Equipment Checklist For Beginners

Going for your first soccer camp as a youngster is sure to get you excited and exhilarated. If your child is going for the first time, a feeling of apprehension may creep in. Amid the excitement and apprehension, it is easy to forget the essentials, but you should be extra careful when you pack your stuff. After all, carrying all the essential equipment can make a difference in terms of fun, comfort, and safety. Having a checklist is a great idea to make sure that you have everything in place before you embark on your soccer journey. Here are the essentials you must pack in the beginners’ kit. 

Soccer cleats 

Cleats offer the essential protection for feet as you are on the field and also keep you from slipping. They can even influence how you perform in the ground. Once you start playing in a team on a competitive level, you will need to have them because your league will require them as a rule. It is best to check with your coach before buying , if they have any recommendations or specifications for you.  Also, ensure a good fit to stay safe and comfortable. 

Shin guards

Since soccer is a physical game, you can expect injuries to happen more often than not. Wearing the right protective gear is your best bet to prevent injuries or minimize them. The protective shin guards should be the next thing to buy for your soccer camp checklist. They come in different styles, so you should try a few and opt for one that is comfortable and offers ample protection.

Soccer ball

This one is a no-brainer as you will have to carry a soccer ball to the camp so that you can practice around even without your team around. When it comes to a great ball to choose, look for a material that is sturdy and durable enough to last. Balls come in different sizes, so choose one that is apt for your age and skill level. You can ask around for recommendations if you aren’t sure about the best pick.

A kit bag

A kit bag is something you will need everywhere, on the camp, and for the games once you join a team. It keeps your gear together and safe, so you do not have to hunt around for stuff. Look for one that is spacious enough to carry everything you need. Some pockets and zips would make it easy to organize. Invest in a durable piece that lasts for a few years even if you pack heavy stuff.


Before going to a soccer camp, you will also need to have a couple of soccer shorts and a few shirts to carry you through the sessions. Opt for materials that are comfortable, durable and easy to clean because you can expect clothing to get dirty when you are in the field. The fits should be easy enough so that they do not restrict movement. Do not forget to pack a few pairs of socks.

Packing for your first soccer camp can take some good thinking, but this checklist will help. Apart from these essentials, carry a first aid kit, a water bottle, and a soccer ball pump as well. 


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