Quilo Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier Review

Quilo Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier Review

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What We Thought About the Quilo Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier

Welcome to humidifier season, folks! I was so excited to come home from a recent trip to this awesome Quilo Evaporative Cooler and Humidifier. I was in Florida where the climate was warm, then freezing, then warm again leaving me congested and feeling less than stellar by the time I got home. I couldn’t wait to plug the Quilo in and let it work it’s magic! We have always used a cool mist humidifier for my son which provides great relief for him when he’s stuffy but we just never got around to getting one for ourselves so I was really excited to finally have one for myself. It required minimal assembly which is always a plus! The size is also great- it’s easy to store in our linen closet and it isn’t too cumbersome in our bedroom. I have used the humidifier function both at night and during the day when I’m doing work. It’s AWESOME! Within 20 minutes I was feeling relief and could actually breathe through my nose! There is a quiet mode for night time which is great for light sleepers. I actually like the “white noise” effect I get off the regular fan function, so having it running on the regular mode didn’t bother me any during the night. It even has a setting to move the fan back and forth so that it doesn’t have to be focused on one single area which is great, especially for bedtime when there’s 2 of us in the room! It is easily portable thanks to the wheels on the bottom and is lightweight so even carrying it by the handles on the sides isn’t a big deal. The tank is easy to remove and refill and is huge so it really lasts a long time, I don’t have any fear of it running out during the night and usually fill it about 3/4 of the way after running all night. However, it is equipped with a low water warning so when the tank is low, it will let you know. The filter in the tank is easy to remove and clean which is really important when using a humidifier.

Perhaps my favorite feature is the REMOTE. Yes. A REMOTE. It’s especially handy for night time, I find. Our house is older and just isn’t equipped with a ton of electrical outlets, especially not in our bedrooms! So this is across the room from our bed and the remote is super handy for adjusting during the night. I especially love the remote holder on top because it ensures that the remote has a place and won’t get lost when you’re moving it from place to place. There are 3 fan speeds, as well as quiet mode and turbo mode (which is stronger than the highest fan level). I imagine that would be really great when using the cooling function in the warmer months! There’s even a compartment for ice to strengthen the cooling effect in the summer months. I can’t wait to try that out! I love that this is dual purpose as well, making it really worthwhile as it isn’t confined to being used only in colder months. I can’t wait to try out the cooler function when summertime hits! I am a huge fan of my Quilo!

About Quilo

We are a team of engineers and product designers, based across Hong Kong, China and USA, with extensive experience in the air comfort industry. For many years, we worked with global brands in designing their air comfort products but at the end of the day, we couldn’t make the stylistic or structural decisions that we knew would make a better product. There were too many bureaucratic regulations and branding guidelines that ironically didn’t benefit the consumer. So, we decided to go solo and put our talents to work in designing air comfort solutions that really worked.

Air is fundamental to our health and well-being. We are surrounded by it and are entirely dependent on it. Here at Quilo we are passionate about interacting with the air around us to create powerful yet holistic climate solutions for our homes. Our products are expertly designed to look great while providing energy-efficient performance. We aspire to make the air we breathe and the atmosphere in our homes feel just right.

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