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Radz Jurassic Park Candy Dispenser

Radz Jurassic Park Candy Dispenser

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Jurassic Park, and dinosaurs in general, are a huge hit in my household. My son is all boy, loves dinosaurs and of course loves candy, so this was bound to be a hit. Each dispenser comes with a healthy sized bag of candy- I was able to split one bag of candy, with leftovers, between the two dispensers and save the other bag for later! Score! The candy is tangy and tart without being sour, and assembly was easy. My son was able to disassemble and reassemble without much help from me at all, which was great for me as he is growing more independent by the day and this was something easy and interesting for him to do on his own.

My son was imitating the dinosaur’s “silly face” as demonstrated in the photo below. When he was eating the candy he thought it was cool to stick his tongue out like the dinosaurs!

Perhaps my favorite part of this candy dispenser is that it only deposits one piece of candy at a time because let’s be real, pacing children when they’re consuming candy is vital to our sanity, right?? Once assembled getting the candy out by opening and closing the dinosaur’s mouth was easy as pie. The day after we tried these out, my son went straight to them to play with them again. He even did some imaginative play with them as dinosaurs while sneaking a few pieces of candy along the way.

I also really like the plastic keychain attachment, it would be perfect to attach to a keychain, backpack or diaper bag to keep little ones entertained at dinner or while out and about! The size of these dispensers is perfect too, not so small that it would be easily lost but not big enough to be cumbersome. All in all, these candy dispensers are a major hit and would make for excellent stocking stuffers this holiday season!


Radz offers a portfolio of brands within the toy and confection industries. All Radz products consist of innovative, high impulse, trend driven, collectible, toy candy dispensers! Each collectible novelty toy candy dispenser in Radz’s line of over 5 product formats and over 400 characters (which includes a portfolio of the top entertainment licenses) comes with its own package of tasty Radz candy and poster! Radz strives to deliver products with a high perceived play value, at impulse price points.
Radz candy dispensers can be found in a variety of retailers.


In Other News:

Radz has introduced unicorn and holiday themed dispensers as well! We are happy to say that these have been a hit with family and friends who have helped to review them. They work the same way and the amount of candy in each are just great! We have been able to enjoy the candies and as mentioned kinda control the amount of candy that is being consumed in our homes.


These unicorns are a great addition to any stocking and after that backpack or lunch box! These are squishy which is a huge hit these days with kids!

The style of these is a little different as there is a canister style candy container and you have to open that to get the candy out, but I like that! The unicorn is a perfect hiding spot for your favorite sweet treat!





The most wonderful time of the year means lots of sweets! We love these Radz because you can either put them into a stocking or even gently hang them on a Christmas tree to have a special hidden surprise on Christmas morning.


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