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Relax with Hallu this Mother’s Day


Relax with Hallu this Mother’s Day

We received the mentioned products in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.


Having time for self care if a huge benefit for everyone, but especially for the busy Mom. Life sometimes takes hold and there is literally no time for out of the home self care, so in comes great products from Hallu that allow us to unwind in the comfort of our own home and escape to another world for just a few minutes.


We received 2 bath products from Hallu and I  personally loved them both. They were easy to use and best of all the quality was amazing. I want to first talk about the Tiki Torch Bath Bomb.

This was the first product that I tried from the 2 and this bath bomb may have been the single longest lasting bath bomb I have ever used. I loved the added bonus on the incense and the fact that this was literally magic. The colors in the water and design patterns in the bath just made it that much more fun and relaxing. I found that this product was also moisturizing. My skin was so soft when I got out of the bath I felt like I had gotten a full spa treatment.

I was so relaxed and got the best night’s sleep after using this bath bomb.

The Hallu Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb delivers a mer-mazing experience combining mystical fragrance and rich, swirling color. Breathe in the purifying Palo Santo lightable incense, then add bomb to your bath water for a tropical display to delight all the senses.

  • Floats, spins & bubbles
  • Palo Santo incense provides energy, cleansing & spiritual purification to the air
  • Contains Myrtle and Almond Oil for extra moisturizing benefits
  • Sold individually


Next was the Wish Upon a Star Bath Bomb. Impressed is an understatement. Check out these photos:

The bath bomb comes with a floating candle which was a new experience for me. I had literally just gotten used to using jar candles after taking a very long break from them since we had little guys in the house. I started out with just a jar in the kitchen and quickly found that I was hooked again. When I got this bath bomb the timing was perfect. Of course the added effect of it being unicorn theme just added to my adoration.

But there is more……

The magic began shortly after I got in the bath when I saw the “tails” forming on this amazing bath bomb. I was so blown away by the show of colors that emerged and the experience was so much fun. I would use one of these every night at bath time just to watch the magic unfold.  I could have stayed in the bath forever, but as we all know… life calls.

Make a wish upon a star and may all your dreams come true! Add color, intrigue and a soft glow to your tub with the Hallu Wish Upon a Star Bath Bomb with lightable candle. Be entranced as the soothing hibiscus and water lily fragrance fills the air and the bath bomb slowly transforms the waters around you into a beautiful unicorn sky.

  • Floats and streams magical, shimmering colors
  • Candle adds a mystical, soft glow to your bath time retreat
  • Sold individually


These bath bombs and other treasures are found locally at our WalMart and I have every intention of stocking up. They even have gnomes!!

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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