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Relax with Pantuss

Relax with Pantuss

We received the mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.

About Pantuss

Pantuss LLC Warming Aromatherapy Slippers

Price: Womens & Mens styles ($25-$61)

Available on Amazon

The perfect way to wind down after a busy day at work or at home! Pantuss makes aromatherapy warming slippers! They are the best gift this fall and winter season! To reach ultimate desired comfort, you take out the insoles and heat them in the microwave. The dried lavender flowers and flax seeds create a calming, relaxing aroma and when you insert them back into your Pantuss slippers and slide your feet in, that is when you reach the pinnacle of relaxation. The lavender creates the relaxing smell with premium essential oils, and the flax seeds help retain the warmth. Pantuss was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a cold winter back in 2012. Pantuss‘s owners, two sisters, designed their products to be a perfect combination of comfort, design, and aroma. Almost instantly, families started buying Pantuss throughout the country. One of the main reasons why Pantuss slippers became an instant success nationwide, was because of their naturally scented, warmed, comfortable insoles. They’re enjoyable in any climate or season. Their international team is meticulous about making their slippers meet the highest standards of both quality and comfort, and they pass through several quality control checks between their manufacture in Argentina and the various markets where they’re sold. Their aromatherapy slippers allow customers to relax at home in style and comfort. They are also handmade from eco-friendly, sustainable materials!

What We Thought

Heaven; this is the one word that came to mind when slipping these warm and cozy slippers on my tired feet. These arrived on my doorstep the day after our new living room furniture. I was plainly tired. My back hurt, my feet ached and I just wanted to relax. I loved the feel of these slippers before even warming the insoles. They were soft and felt like they would just hug my feet.

My oldest son (who has the same size feet as me) immediately snatched up a pair and we decided the time was perfect to heat the insoles and slip our feet in. I am pretty sure he felt like royalty. I loved the feeling immediately and these hold heat pretty well. I don’t care if it was 80+ degrees outside, my feet felt amazing and the aromatherapy scent was just something that set these over the top.

We also received the Lavender Mask & Neck Brace which retails for $28. Lavender and flax seed filled mask and neck brace set,  take it wherever you go! The Mask is filled with seeds and refreshing lavender flowers. We will be taking this on an upcoming trip where we hope to relax and just disconnect a bit.

If you are looking to spoil someone in the upcoming holiday season or know someone who needs a special pick me up, these are it. Look no further than Pantuss.

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