Rusty Rivets Botasaur


Rusty Rivets Botasaur

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About Rusty Rivets Botasaur

  • Easy build designs make it simple for kids to combine it and design it just like Rusty and Ruby!
  • Build your own robot dinosaur sidekick — Botasaur! And bring him to life with lights and sounds from the show. Add wheels to turn your favorite dinosaur into a vehicle.
  • All of the Rusty Rivets Build Me Rivet System sets work together to create unique designs.
  • The Rusty Rivets Build Me Rivet System is for ages 3+. No batteries required.


What We Thought

Building is right up our 4 1/2 year old son’s alley. He loves taking things apart and putting them back together (typically toys, but sometimes other things that get him in a bit of trouble) and exploring how things work. With the Rusty Rivets Botasaur Jack has been able to learn and explore on his own how this toy goes together.

I love that this is easy to build, but also allows him to be creative in his building. Also love that this toy can be combined with others from the product line and made into an amazing creature.

Jack has put together and taken apart this Botasaur so many times that I have lost count but each time he is proud of himself and feels like he has really accomplished something amazing. I love that this toy allows him to have creativity but also keeps his self esteem high.

The Botasaur isn’t loud at all (does make some sounds but they are not overly loud) and Jack has been able to still play while his little brother sleeps without any worry of waking him. We don’t keep a quiet house while the baby naps, but I also do not invite tons of loud noise either.

This toy is high on my recommendation list  because while it does have 2 ways to put it together Jack has tried other ways and they all work. Jack has spent hours playing with this and while there are quite a few pieces he enjoys them and has been able to keep them all together. A small miracle in this house! HA!


If you are looking for a great gift for your favorite Rusty Rivets fan, this is definitely the one! The Botasaur will provide hours of entertainment!

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