How to Save Money When Eating Food in Singapore


How to Save Money When Eating Food in Singapore


Singapore is a beautiful and fun-filled city to visit but the cost of living is a bit expensive, and if you are traveling with your family you be expected to spend a little bit more maybe on food. But with excellent planning and proper budgeting, you will not have to worry about the extra charges or fail to eat a good meal while vacationing here. This will also help you save time so you can be able to visit all the best places before you go back to your home country.


How can you save time on eating food in Singapore?


  1. Eat from wet markets.


You don’t need to go to eat at the expensive restaurant since you can get all kinds of delicious meals from the wet market. The foods in these areas are sold at affordable prices are quickly prepared, and also they are healthy. Some of delicacies sold at the wet markets include noodles, rice herb and even all kinds of meat.


  1. Drink tap water.


Unlike other countries where people are not recommended to drink tap water, Singapore has the cleanest tap water in the world, and the majority of the citizens drink tap water. A small bottled water can cost you up to 2 dollars, and you are not sure how much water you will require. So use your water bottle to fetch water from the tap, or if you don’t have a bottle, you can purchase from the vendors since they are sold at a low price.


  1. Eat from the food courts.


Singapore has so many food courts that sell delicious foods on the streets. Therefore if you are not hungry, you can always buy some snacks on the streets as you head to your hotel. Also eating on the road is part of having fun since you still get to experience and have the beautiful view of the Singapore city unlike when you are stuck in a restaurant.


  1. Avoid drinking alcohol.


If you love your bottle of alcohol well you might think of slowing down while at Singapore. There is high taxation on alcohol and cigarettes and drinking on a daily basis or drinking too much on your vacation may drain your savings or end up altering your trip budget expenditure. If you have to drink, take a bottle or two on special occasions like when you go to hang out with your girlfriend or your friends.


  1. Avoid hotel services.


Hotel services are a no if you want to save your food expenses at Singapore. The service is charged quite high, and the foods tend to be expensive too. So if you don’t feel like going out to eat from the wet markets, you can always order for deliveries from other restaurants like MakiSan who sell all different kinds of food and also deliver within Singapore and its environs for free.


  1. Eat from Smith street.


Smith street is full of hawkers who sell different snacks and foods. Also, these vendors are always willing to give their customers some samples for tasting. So if you don’t want to have a heavy meal and you would want to take some of Singapore’s cuisines, consider having some samples as you explore the streets.

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