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Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

One of the worst things about needing to save money is often the drastic impact it can have on your lifestyle. When you tighten your belt, it often means giving up the things you love completely or doing them much less often. The good news is, it is possible to save money without changing your lifestyle too drastically. Don’t believe me? Check out these very simple ways to start saving right now.


Use a spending tracker app


Downloading spending tracker apps should be the first thing you do when you want to save money. They will very accurately show you where your money is going so you can quickly identify the areas you could easily cut back on without too much hardship.


Cancel unused subscriptions


Most of us have a bunch of subscriptions from Audible to Netflix. Many of us don’t use them all, or if we do so, it is so rare as to be negligible, which means a really painless way to save money is to go through all of your various subscriptions and cancel any that you rarely if ever use. You’ll be surprised at how much this can save you each month, and you still get to enjoy the subs that you do use regularly.


Compare health plans


Companies like Let’s Compare Medicare enable you to find the best possible price for all of your healthcare needs which is why comparing healthcare plans is a no-brainer. With a few clicks you could find a better deal and get the same, or even a better, level of healthcare for less. Do this every year to ensure you are still on the best value plan for you and the savings will keep rolling in.

Turn the thermostat down


If you turn your thermostat down by just one degree, you are unlikely to notice the difference once you are accustomed to it. However, you will be able to save as much as 10 percent of your energy usage, which will instantly result in lower utility bills.


Write a grocery list


When you write a grocery list, you are more likely to only buy the stuff you need to feed yourself for a week with no extras. This will mean that you spend less money at the store overall., while still having your favorite meals each day.


Pack a lunch


In a similar vein, taking a packed lunch to work every day will save you a huge amount of money, and you can still eat the kinds of meals you prefer by learning how to cook them using free recipes online. In fact, homemade versions of your favorite lunch takeouts will probably be much healthier for you too.


Automate your savings


If you use an app or direct deposit to automatically transfer your savings each month, you are more likely to actually stick to saving, and less likely to miss the money because unless you’re constantly refreshing your app on payday you are unlikely to ever see it in your main account.


Time to start saving!


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