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Save Your Bed with the GhostBed Mattress Protector

Save Your Bed with the GhostBed Mattress Protector

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Santa is making his list and checking it twice and my goodness I hope that I get a GhostBed this year (queen size, please!) As you guys have seen recently we have been reviewing several products from the GhostBed line and we have loved them all. First the GhostPillow, then the GhostSheets and now the GhostBed Protector.


Many people think that mattress protectors are hot which is not true with the GhostBed Cooling Mattress Cover. This one was easy to put on our non-GhostBed but is ideal to work with the GhostBed itself. The deep pockets fit our queen size bed perfectly and this product retails for $100. Buying a mattress is a huge financial decision these days and people want to make sure that when they make a decision they are getting something great. They also want to protect their investment and choosing the GhostBed Cooling Mattress Cover is a great decision.

Look at this material!! It is so so soft! When thinking about a mattress protector many people think plastic, hot and sticking to their sheets and body. Not true at all with the GhostBed version. I am really impressed with how it feels and how easy it was to put on our bed. I did top it with the GhostSheets and this made for a really comfortable night’s sleep.

A parent who allows co-sleeping can experience night time accidents and products like this make the clean up a lot easier. No more mattress scrubbing in this house!


Now….lets talk about mattresses. I am seriously in the market for a new one and I hear that GhostBed is known to have the best mattress for hot sleepers. My husband happens to swelter while he is sleeping and he says that the bed we have now is entirely too hot. Of course you don’t know this just trying something out in a store, so when we got it and we both about burned up we knew we had made a critical mistake. This bed was not cheap and came with no sleep guarantee unlike what GhostBed offers, so we know that if we are not satisfied we can have a GhostBed arranged to be returned.


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