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Scent Trunk Subscription Box Review


Scent Trunk Review

I received the mentioned Scent Trunk products in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions contained within this review are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

About Scent Trunk: Scent Trunk is a monthly niche perfume subscription box, shipping to the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Each month, you receive three generous perfume samples hand picked for you, along with a tester card for each fragrance that lists the fragrance, perfumer, a description of the scent’s inspiration, the notes that comprise the fragrance and price. If you fall in full-bottle love with one of the scents, you may easily purchase it through the monthly list under your account profile. Each month is $18US, however you can try your first box for just $4.95, which is an awesome deal. Every month with your subscription you earn points-100 points is a $10 coupon, 200 points is a $20 coupon, and 250 points is a $25 coupon. Additionally, Scent Trunk donates 1.5% of their sales to the Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation under their #fightdepression campaign to prevent and cure mental illness.

What We Thought: Getting started with Scent Trunk is so easy! When you sign up, you will be asked to list some of your favorite perfumes. A list will populate based on your suggestions and you pick from there! They have all fragrance kinds listed, from Victoria’s Secret to Chanel to Creed. (Pro tip: Sometimes the fragrance is listed by house first, then perfume name-e.g. Chanel Cristalle, not Cristalle by Chanel. If you don’t find the fragrance you want to enter by name first, try putting the house in front of it.) When you are done, you will be presented with a list of notes (the ‘fragrance building blocks’) that Scent Trunk thinks you like based upon your fragrance choices. As I am a TOTAL perfume addict, mine was rather long, and included vanilla, tuberose, musks, and fruits. You can also edit this list if need be. As this box is curated based on your tastes, do review your fragrances after you receive them!

Based on my profile, I was sent three scents: Earth, by Roberta Andrade, Violette Fumee by Mona di Orio, and Hothouse Flower by Ineke. I was so excited-I was interested in all three and the Hothouse Flower was on the top of my must-try list. All three scents knocked it out of the park for me. Perfect choices and great curation, especially given the incredibly rainy weather we are having.

I appreciate perfumes that challenge and expand my fragrance viewpoints-and Earth did just that. The grass and hay top notes really came roaring out on my skin, but in a good-I-can’t-stop-smelling-this way. All of a sudden, the iris and violet arrived and muted down the hay scent. Both can be very fragile, tricky notes as they do not stay long, however the musky base serves as a good fixative to allow you to enjoy these spring flowers a bit longer.

Violette Fumee is by far my favorite out of the three. I have worn Balenciaga Paris for years, but lately I’ve grown bored of it and have been looking for a better violet-and this is it. Violette is Paris grown up. I think the oakmoss and sage present in the top and heart notes, respectively, give the violet an edge. This lasted for a good six hours, and also got rave reviews from the husband.

Hothouse Flower gets a lot of love in the niche perfume world and I can see why. It’s very close to true gardenia (and I shoved my nose into a gardenia while wearing it to test this!). It’s got an edge to it that keeps the gardenia from being overpoweringly sweet on the skin, likely the guaiac wood that it’s based in. It wears closer to the skin, which is to say that you won’t slay everyone in a ten-foot radius while wearing it. As gardenia lives in the category of BIG WHITE FLORAL perfume, this is a good thing. Full. Bottle. Worthy.


I was thrilled to work with Scent Trunk for this review. This is a great service, and I truly enjoyed the product-so much so that I signed up for a membership of my own. This would make a great gift for the perfume lover in your life-and a GREAT Mother’s Day gift. Happy sniffing!

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