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Six Indoor Date Night Ideas You’ll Love!

The world may be on its way to opening back up right now, but the indoor date night is still relevant to all those who want to enjoy it. It’s not lame to not want to go out. There is a whole world out there but sometimes, date night is about the entire world you have between the two of you. One of the best things about an indoor date night is that you don’t have to involve anyone else and there is no audience to your love. It’s just the two of you, being with each other and loving each other. Sometimes, that’s all you need.


The best thing about indoor date night is the sheer choice of things to do. From a floor picnic with a shared Texas chili bowl, to the excitement of a game night where you beat each other at Mario Kart, there are options for everyone no matter what you love. So, with this in mind, we’ve got some of the best indoor date night ideas you’ll love!

  1. Prepare a picnic. Get the blankets and cushions out all over the floor, put out the food and just lounge with it. Make sure that you don’t have to eat anything with any cutlery; eating with your fingers is a great way to have a little fun with an indoor picnic, and it’s quite romantic, too!
  2. Prepare a home spa. Face masks, pedicures, massages – this is an indoor date night focusing on self-care. The activities themselves are intimate, especially when whipping up facemasks together or using your favorite oils to massage one another. There is so much fun to be had when you treat each other to a spa experience.
  3. Cook. Getting together in the kitchen and cooking isn’t always a romantic experience because you’re likely to get under one another’s feet. The thing is, you should think about cooking FOR each other. One of you could handle sides and appetisers and the other can do mains and dessert. And you both should choose so that it doesn’t matter at all whether the dishes complement. That’s part of the fun!
  4. Go to the dance. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean that you can’t go and dance together. Get dressed up and meet each other in the dining area, have a playlist of songs ready so you can slow dance, waltz, ballroom – whatever it is you like to dance to, get it playing on the sound system. You’ll be surprised just how comforting it can be to sway in each other’s arms as if you were back at prom.
  5. Movie night! Pop the corn, add the flavorings, rack up the movies and get cozy on the couch. Movie night is a classic for indoor date night and it’s really going to give you a chance to snuggle up and just be together. It’s a low-key date night idea with very low expectations of each other. It’s just comfortable. 
  6. Games & takeout! Ordering food in so you don’t have to cook, laying out the board games and getting stuck in to have fun is one of the best things that you can do for date night!

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