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Sleeping Beauty: Unlock Your Best Look From The Comfort Of Your Bed

Nobody needs an excuse to spend more time in bed, but the promise of getting prettier while your sleep is certainly a good one. Given that roughly one-third of your life is spent asleep, it makes sense to start paying more attention.    


Several ideas can be incorporated to ensure that your sleeping patterns actively aid your appearances. Follow this five-point plan, and you should see noticeable improvements in no time.  

Choose satin or silk


Your choice of bed, mattress, and duvet will all influence the comfort levels. However, the choice of pillowcase and duvet cover material is perhaps the most significant for your beauty. Silk is shown to be kinder to the hair, preventing tangles, while both materials are kind to the skin. Reducing the lines and wrinkles can have a telling impact on your beauty. Besides, the soft touch of the silk or satin can actively encourage a better night’s sleep, which brings many benefits too.  


Wear the right night creams


Eight hours without hydration or moisturising can be tough on the skin. Wearing Anew ultimate multi – performance night cream aids skin tone and fight visible ageing on the skin. Treating your skin in this way while you sleep will undoubtedly leave you looking more beautiful. For an even greater impact, sleep with a humidifier on. When supported by regular moisturising and hydration during the waking hours, your face will boast a youthful glow for years to come.    


Give your teeth a thorough clean


A winning smile is something we all crave. Sadly, a poor pre-bed routine could allow plaque to grow, harming your teeth and general oral health. Brush for two minutes, ideally with a dentist approved Oral B electric brush. Follow this with flossing (not the dance!) and mouthwash for a comprehensive clean. This will give you the fresh breath, clean teeth, and confident glow that you crave. When coupled with smart daytime routines, your smile will become your greatest attribute.  Be sure to also drop by the dentist for regular check ups; make an appointment with the dentist in temple terrace fl if you’ve yet to find a good and reliable dental care professional.

Think about your sleeping position


Most people assume that the best sleeping position is the one that our bodies naturally choose. In truth, sleeping on your back – especially with a pillow under your knees – is better than adopting the foetal position. If yours has started to sag, a new mattress may be in order too. Ultimately, you want to aid your posture and avoid any health issues such as squashing your organs. When you wake up with muscles feeling relaxed, the improved posture should help you cast a better figure.   


Put your smartphone down


It may seem like a strange beauty tip, but learning to put your smartphone down at night is imperative. Aside from squinting at the screen to gain crow’s feet lines, being on the phone prevents you from reaching the REM stage of sleep. This can have a truly damning impact on your natural beauty as tired and insufficiently rested skin will show. Soothing music is a far better solution. Keep a notepad by the bed to jot down any thoughts that may be stopping you from relaxing.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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