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Slots That Require Skills

Slots That Require Skills

No slot game requires a great deal of skill as they are all luck-based games.  But there are many slot games at where you as the player have the ability to be able to increase your chances of winnings.  This is what the term “skill-based” slot refers to, as the mini games that many slots offer help to boost the winning chances of players. 

There are some very specific slots game where you have the chance to use skills to increase your chances, where mini games involving poker or blackjack, may be available for you to play.   But these appear in short, sharp bursts which need to be taken advantage of with great speed and determination when they arise.  The majority of slot games stick to offering mini games that do not have skills involved, such as the following: 

Wintastic Beasts

This is a wizarding based slots game which is simply magical to players because of the mini game it has on offer.   Having good fine motor skills is advantageous here because you need to try and guide your broomstick through as many of the golden hoops on offer without getting knocked off your broom.  Should you be able to make it the end of the course successfully, you will be rewarded with a sizeable win. 

Cheese Chase

Taking inspiration from the well-known duo of cat and mouse, you need to try and stay one step ahead always so as not to be eaten as you play this slot game.  This is the mini game of the slot and you want to avoid being captured at all costs.  Make it back to your hole before your feline friend finds you and catches you so that you are able to win yourself an un-brie-lievable cash reward. 

Murderous Money

For those slots players who are keen detectives, this slot requires some natural clue finding instincts and the ability to be able to put clues together to determine who committed the crime.  When you get a chance to play the mini game, you get to spin the wheel and you are aiming to match at least two, if not three, of the same colour.  If you are able to do so, you might just be in for the catch of your life.

Alice in Wongaland

“You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date!”  Players all over the world are thoroughly enjoying playing this Alice in Wonderland inspired slots game where you have been invited to the most extravagant tea party the Mad Hatter has ever thrown.  The mini game here will leave your head spinning as well as your teacup, with cups flying, characters moving around rapidly, and multipliers appearing as if by magic.  But what else would you expect from a story that’s always had a certain air of mystery about it?  You have great potential to win a big prize here, so keep calm and carry on, or hope that you’re just as mad as the Hatter!

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