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Speed Cleaning for the Holidays

During December, most people spend the majority of their time in-door. In fact, researchers estimate that during winter, an average person spends between 80% and 90% of their time in the comfort of their home. This is the perfect time to take a step back, read a book and relax completely.

However, you know what can ruin Christmas spirit completely? A dirty, messy home.

Since you spend so much time in your home, you naturally start making more mess and after a while, you even get used to the chaos. That’s until a friend comes to visit you or you start organizing a Christmas party in your apartment. That’s when you realize that your house needs a deep cleaning.

With your regular cleaning routine out of the window, what you can do in this situation?

Preparing for Holiday Speed Cleaning

For starters, you should remember that cleaning is much easier when your home is not filled with clutter from top to bottom. The main thing is to find a place in your house to stash all of your stuff.

If the mess is simply too big for you to handle on your own, you can always hire a company like Helpling in Birmingham and let them take some heat off you. On the other hand, if you’re not planning on spending additional money on holiday cleaning, you can always call a few friends to assist you.

Next, you need to gather some much-needed cleaning supplies. You can go the homemade route and or you can go out and purchase a few Windex Wipes and finish the job quicker. Once again, this heavily depends on the budget you’re working with.

But enough about the preparation process, let’s talk about something more concrete. Let’s talk about the routine in more detail…

The Speed-Cleaning Routine

Cleaning up the bedroom – ten minutes

Start with the bed because it will make your bedroom look much nicer, even if you leave things lying on the floor. Still, you don’t want your friends to step all over your dirty laundry, so go ahead and pick up anything lying around.

Bathroom cleaning – ten minutes

Take the toilet bowl cleaning solution, squirt it around the bowl and leave it be for five minutes. During that time, you should wipe down there countertops, sink and possibly the bathtub. Once you’re finished, take your toilet brush and scrub the toilet quickly.

Tiding up the living room – fifteen minutes

Again, take the duster and dust around a bit. Then, take a big basket or a larger box, take the items lying around, put them in the box and place the box in a closet or possibly your garage. If you have any old mail or junk in there, place them in another box and throw them out.

The Bottom Line

And there you have it. With this routine, your house can be squeaky-clean in less than an hour. After you’re done with all of the things above, you should take another five minutes to vacuum the place up, dust around, dim the lights and wait for your friends to drop by. And if you find yourself still not able to keep up with the cleaning routine, then it may be best to invest in a maid service which can relieve you of most of your cleaning duties at home.

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