Spend Time Not Money: Amazing Ways To Connect With Your Kids

Spend Time Not Money: Amazing Ways To Connect With Your Kids


Everybody craves some particular time with their children. The bond between parents and children is not only essential for the children but the parents as well. One of the fundamental laws states that ‘you get as much as you give.’ It is something that makes a parent worth all those amazing sacrifices.

The bond between parents and children is what makes them follow your rules as well as orders. A child who is close to his parents naturally wants to cooperate. In young age with the developing prefrontal cortex, such emotions can often make everything overwhelming for the child; hence, the child will remain a child and sometimes act cranky. But when s/he feels understood, it motivates them to take the lead. Here we have compiled a list of some simple; yet, fabulous ways to connect with your kids that do not add to your pocket but to your connection with your children.


  • Maintain A Good Physical Connection


When the human body is touched, the amount of serotonin and dopamine is naturally increased in the bloodstream. Serotonin and dopamine are the two hormones responsible for good mood; thus, your 12 AM snuggles or morning handshakes can contribute to your child’s enhanced mood in a significant way. So make sure to give a warm hug to your child every day before going to bed and first thing in the morning.


  • Limit The Technology


Keep those phones and laptops aside when you interact with your children. Make them realize that the outer world is way more beautiful than the virtual reality. Put your efforts in making them understand that they are more important to you than anything else. Something as little as turning off the radio while driving with kids is helpful to connect better with the family.


  • Play Their Games


Children love it when their parents join them in the games they play. You can bring in some fun video games at home and then arrange a gaming night. Apart from the virtual reality, there are other ones that imitate the real world activities, for example, skiing, bowling, dancing, scooting and more. Such activities are indeed better than the tech-related games and are beneficial for their physical health as well as mental well-being. You can check some durable and pocket-friendly products for your children that encourage outdoors at


  • Take Walks In Your PJs


The last hours of the day can become chaotic at home especially with your little ones. An evening walk is the best way to create a soothing ambiance at home. Pre-bedtime walk promotes better sleep and boosts the mood. The slow and calming walk in your PJs will provide you and your children some time to decompress as well as a lot of special memories. So do not lose all your precious time to TV rather make an effort to cherish all that time with your younger ones.

Creating those heart melting moments with your kids is something not so difficult. Ideas, as mentioned above, can be of great help. Try them out!

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