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Splurge or Save: What Furniture Is It Really Worth Investing In?

As well as being practical, furniture also allows us to express our style and bring in your personality into the home. But there’s no doubt it can be expensive. Whether you’re building a home from scratch or just looking to update, here’s where you can make some savings and where it’s always worth spending more.

Sofa- Splurge

Arguably the most important piece of furniture downstairs in your home. You won’t get very far relaxing with the family, entertaining guests or enjoying movie night without it! A sofa should be the perfect balance between style and comfort. With it being such an important feature in the room you’ll want it to look nice and work well within the room. But a sofa also needs to be comfy. Somewhere you can put up your feet and really relax at the end of each day. A place you can tuck up your kids under a blanket when they’re not feeling very well, and spot where you can drink endless cups of tea and coffee while chatting with friends and family. It’s a piece of furniture where you will more than likely get what you pay for, so it’s worth spending the extra here if you can. A high-quality sofa won’t sag or go springy quickly, and the cushions won’t squash or go misshapen. A covering like leather is a good option if you have children or pets as it’s hardwearing and easy to clean. Cheaper sofas often appear to be leather at a glance, but really use materials such as ‘bonded leather’ or PU which will crack, rip and wear easily.


Bedside Tables-  Save

Matching bedside tables either side of the bed make a room look balanced and finished. It gives you a place to keep your reading material, somewhere to charge your phone and keep any of your night time beauty essentials such as hand cream and lip balm. Since these will only be holding small items, you could make savings here rather than buy very expensive ones. However, it is worth choosing bedside tables with soft close drawer slides or switching these out yourself. This will prevent them from slamming shut and causing a racket.

Beds- Splurge

As humans, we spend an incredible proportion of our existence sleeping. So a comfortable and supportive bed is crucial to our health and happiness. Choosing a less expensive frame is fine, but you should never skimp on the mattress. A cheap one will soon go springy and lumpy and will fail to hold your weight, this can lead to painful aches on your body. Studies have shown memory foam time and time again to be the most comfortable option since it molds and supports your body. Plus if you share a bed with a partner, your movement of getting up or turning over in the night won’t affect them at all. Go to a bed shop and try out lots of different models and firmness levels to make sure you choose something that’s perfect for you.

Vanity- Save

A vanity or dressing table is a great piece of furniture to own. It gives you a place to keep all of your beauty products together. Plus when you have a proper place to sit down it also encourages you to stick to a beauty routine. You could have a section for skincare, one for haircare and another for makeup. It makes getting ready in the morning or dressing up for a night out much quicker and easier. However, it doesn’t need to be expensive. You could go with a budget piece from somewhere like Ikea or even upcycle an old wooden vanity.

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