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SSA Card Lost Or Stolen? How To Get Your Social Security Card Online In A Flash


SSA Card Lost Or Stolen? How To Get Your Social Security Card Online In A Flash


Did you lose your social security card? If so, you don’t have to wait around. You can apply where you sit right now for a replacement card. The online replacement SS card application is how you get your card back in a flash. You can’t print it out or anything, but you avoid the drive, the paper application, the wait in line and the in-person identity verification process. You save a lot of time, wouldn’t you say?


What this means is you can fill out a replacement card application on your mobile device. You will have your new social security card on its way to you in a jiffy. Naturally, it does still take time for the SSA office to process your application, make your card and get it to you in the mail. As for your part in the process, you will be done quite quickly. If only you could print it out, too, right?


It is made of paper, albeit a special paper, and maybe one day they will allow citizens to print their own social security cards. It seems more likely to show mobile proof of them instead, and printing cards would create a major security threat. Still, you’re going to be able to at least get done with the application process in a flash. The government really doesn’t do anything quickly, but at least they allow you to take care of your part in the process quickly enough.  


Do you know how many replacement cards you are allowed? Maybe you were a little nervous about having lost your SS card once again. Well, you can apply up to 3 times in one year, although that would be a reminder to keep better track of your card. You want to remember that it’s important to protect your card because of identity theft.


Now while you can apply three times in one year, you wouldn’t be able to do that for the rest of your life. You are limited to 10 cards during your lifetime. Does it make you wonder if anyone has ever lost 10 cards before? What would the SSA do in the event that happens? Truth be told, you don’t want to find out. What you want to do is get your replacement card and store it properly.


Notice I said store it because the SSA advises that you do that. There is not much of a need to even show your SS card these days, so why carry it around in your wallet or purse? It’s made of paper, so that is like asking for it, right? In fact, since it is made of paper, some people, like myself, have had to get a replacement card because theirs was worn out.


Maybe your social security card has worn out over time, too. I once washed mine on accident. Things happen to paper cards, and that is why you want to store this replacement card properly. And this situation may have made you a little nervous, but you’re going to be on to other matters soon after filling out the online application at It is, as mentioned, the fastest way to get the job done.


Before you hop on over to the SSA site and complete your application, you need to be aware that you have to register for an account. It’s called a My Social Security account, and it’s rather easy, just like the application for a replacement card. You also need your license or state ID because you need information from it in order to proceed.


There is also a list of states on the SSA website, and you want to find your state on the list. If your state isn’t on the list, that means at this current point and time, you are ineligible to apply online for a replacement card. If that’s the case, keep the process in mind for the future, but hopefully, you won’t need another replacement card later on down the road.


Let’s say that you live in North Carolina or New Jersey. Citizens of those states are eligible to apply for a social security card online. Yet if you live in New York, you aren’t eligible at this moment. The SSA does say that it will continue to add states, so that list is going to change. The example provided is just after a simple look at states beginning with the letter ‘N.’ And citizens from Nevada and New Hampshire are also eligible.


If you are ineligible and still want to avoid the SSA office, it can be possible. You just have to get your documents ready to go, print and fill out the application and send it off in the mail. You can also do that ahead of stopping by the SSA office if you want to get a jump start. You can still see, however, that the online application is the best and fastest way if you are eligible.


It’s worth a try to see if you are eligible. All it takes is a visit to the SSA site and a look at the states. Then you just need to make sure you’re able to complete the online application the way that the SSA office wants it done. As long as you have your driver’s license or state ID ready and an email address, and you can answer identity questions, you should be good to go. If you live in either Wisconsin or Delaware, you have to use the information on your driver’s license and not your state ID.


You no longer have to go to the SSA office or mail in your application if you need a replacement card, as long as you live in certain states. You can just visit the SSA website, click on the link for filling out a replacement card application and continue from there. You want to avoid the SSA office trip if you can, so looking into the online application sounds like a plan. It will only take a few minutes.

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