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How To Stay Healthy As A Vegan

A lot of people who eat meat think that it’s difficult to stay healthy as a vegan and to get all the nutrients you need into your body, but most vegans will know that that actually isn’t the case at all. If you’re just starting out on your vegan journey, here are some top tips on how to get and stay healthy…

Eat A Balanced Diet

The key to staying healthy is to eat everything (except animal products, obviously) in moderation. If you want to treat yourself to a couple of squares of dark chocolate, do it – but remember that you also need to pack plenty of pulses and grains into your diet, along with ‘good’ fats like nuts and seeds, and steer away from foods that are high in fats and sugar. Make sure that you add supplements to your diet like Vegan Omega 3 as a great alternative to fish oil. You should also make sure that you’re getting plenty of B12, iron, and zinc – it’s easy to become anemic as a vegan so you need to ensure that you take your vitamins. Check the labels to make sure they’re vegan, of course.

Check Out Food Substitutions

There are lots of substitutions that you can make to your food – for instance, you can bake cakes without eggs and using oil instead of butter. Check out products like Quorn and Linda McCartney’s range of food for food like vegan mince that you can make spaghetti Bolognese with. Remember that you can also buy dairy free cheese that tastes authentic, and that you can still have your favourite lattes and cappuccinos with almond milk. Most chain coffee stores like Starbucks will have different sorts of milk that don’t contain dairy or animal products.

Get Exercising

Like anyone else, it’s important that you make sure that you take regular exercise. A lot of people who are concerned with animal welfare are concerned with their own spiritual and emotional health as well as their physical health, so what about trying out an exercise like yoga that will enable you to focus on your breathing and also help you learn to meditate? Yoga will help your general fitness like your core strength and flexibility. You could also try out Couch To 5K if you’d like to slowly build your stamina and run a half marathon for a cause you believe in.

Learn To Cook

Let’s face it: unfortunately, man cannot live on peanut butter and raw veggies alone, so it’s important that you learn to cook for yourself. You don’t need particularly fancy equipment – just a decently sharp knife, a couple of good pans, and the ability to be a little experimental with your food. You don’t have to spend hundreds on vegan cookbooks (although you’ll probably find that they’re all you receive on your birthday after you announce that you’re vegan) – look online for recipes that you can follow, and start to adapt them to include your own favourite foods. If you’re a real cooking novice then why not go to a cooking class to learn the basics like good knife skills?

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