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Staying Healthy and Injury Free When You’re in the Office

We have more comfortable jobs today than compared to the old days, but this comfort often comes at the detriment to our health. Because we’re sitting down and using computers all day, we’re at a risk of injuries and falling prey to the unhealthy lifestyle habits we naturally acquire during our days spent behind a desk. You don’t have to submit to this, however: you can fight back by incorporating simple routines into your day. Here’s how.

The Small Things


You don’t have to make wholesale changes to your routine to stay healthier. It’s just about doing what you can when you can. For example, instead of driving from your home right to the parking space at your office, park your vehicle 10 minutes away from your office and walk the rest of the way. It doesn’t sound like much, but that’ll be twenty minutes more exercise you’ll be getting during the day than if you drove straight there. Additionally, always go the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator. You spend enough time sedentary during the day; you can walk a little more than necessary.


Avoiding the Strain


Of all the occupational hazards of working at a computer, none as more common than wrist strain. If you have wrist pain, then you need to rest, but you need to work…so you can’t! Instead, you can make sure your wrist is getting the varied movement and strengthening it needs through exercising. You can make or buy a wrist grip that uses compression springs for resistance; keep it at your desk and use for 5 minutes every hour. You’ll alleviate your wrist pain and build muscles in your forearm at the same time.


In the Eyes


Another issue that crops up for computer workers is eye strain. If you’re staring at your screen too long, you’ll soon develop a dull pain behind the eyes. You can reduce this pain by following for 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, stay at a point 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It’ll give your eyes the brief rest they need.


Eating Well


It’s all too easy to eat unhealthy food when you’re sat at work all day. While work treats might be nice at the time, they’re contributing to your unhealthy lifestyle, and since you’re not moving as much as you should be, they’ll quickly add inches to your waistline. If you must have snacks at your desk, make them things like nuts, yogurt, and dried fruit – no chocolates or other food that’s bad for you. Also, preparing your lunch at home and taking it to work with you will also make you less likely to have junk food during your break.


Going Beyond

This is only the starting point for a healthy lifestyle. Once you’re out of work, you need to be doing more than sitting in front of television. Get into the habit of exercising, and you’ll soon have more energy, feel better mentally, and will keep the side effects of office work at bay.

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