Staying Warm with Brooklyn Beans

Staying Warm with Brooklyn Beans

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About Brooklyn Bean Roastery

We believe that in coffee making, as in life there, are rules that need to be followed (wadaya mean I can’t park here?!?) Our simple rule for good coffee making is that what you put into it is exactly what you’ll get out of it and our goal is to consistently get the best-tasting cup of coffee around from our process.

To reach that goal we have 5 separate quality control checks that are done with each batch of beans. Everyone knows that good coffee starts with good beans so the physical characteristics of the roasts are analyzed to look for consistency in the beans for a uniform flavor. After roasting, special attention is given to the grind. The grinding process is extremely important to the end taste of the coffee- too coarse and it won’t brew properly, too thin and you can get a bitter, acidic taste. Supervisors monitor the grinding process and inspect the ground before it and be ready for packaging.

Two points of the packaging process are scrutinized for absolute perfection 1) the filling portion: all cups must get exactly the specified amount of coffee grounds in order to preform properly in brewing and 2) the end product: The single serve pods pass on a conveyer belt and are hand checked for physical defects. Every cup that has even the slightest imperfection is set aside and does not get boxed for shipment. Once the product is produced a sample can be taken from each lot for brewing -the aromatics are evaluated and the tastes are tested (Our Favorite Part!) to ensure it meets BBR standards.


What We Thought

Guys… it is COLD! There is no other word to use for it, well yes there are plenty… some are not really polite at all, but we will stick with cold. My husband works outdoors as a plumber’s helper so they have been outside doing a lot of service calls in this frigid (there is a word!!) weather. I didn’t know of many ways to help him stay warm so I honestly just started racking my brain with how I could keep him as warm as possible without him feeling like the kid from the Christmas Story movie.

My first step was to brew several cups of the amazing Brooklyn Beans coffee in our Keurig. I added those, along with some sugar and cream to his insulated thermos. I thought that would be one way to stay hydrated but also have something warm and toasty when he would be chilled to the bone. For good measure I made myself a cup too. This coffee is amazing. The aroma of any variety that I have tried so far is just pure heaven. Making bulk batches at one time makes our house smell SO GOOD! I have been taken back to memories of my grandparents home when I was young walking in around meal time and smelling a fresh pot of coffee brewing. She always used a percolator and would absolutely be horrified at these “new fangled devices” that people are using to make coffee, but I didn’t appreciate a good cup until I was much older.


This is my absolute favorite blend in one of my many favorite mugs… Thomas Jefferson and I enjoyed a cup of coffee this morning and I have to say it is so refreshing. We have light snow on the ground, birds are feeding constantly as if their lives depended on it and I am indoors with my boys where it is warm enjoying this. I have to admit this is the life.


My husband loves several other blends as he has been trying different ones throughout the cold days since we were blessed to try out quite a few varieties of Brooklyn Bean Roastery coffee pods. He really likes one called Corner Donut Shop. I like the lighter roasts, but find that in the cold months I do drift to the darker roasts for some reason.


If you are looking for some amazing small batch coffee pods, then this is the brand for you! Check out Brooklyn Beans  on Amazon to buy some of your own. They even have an awesome variety pack so that you can try many kinds without buying so many packs to learn what you like and love!


In the meantime, stay warm guys!


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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