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Steven Odzer: 4 Tips to Make a Business out of Pediatrics

Steven Odzer: 4 Tips to Make a Business out of Pediatrics

One of the most searched for questions when it comes to pediatrics and business is how to make the practice function as a venture. Many pediatricians search for answers to this issue because they want to manage their profession properly while earning a good income. Moving from the professional circles to the business world with your career is never easy. It is not impossible, however. Many models have been created for pediatricians who want to venture into the business world. Dr. Steven Odzer, a successful pediatrician who has made a business out of his practice, has the following tips for ambitious pediatricians. 

Do a good assessment of your practice 

The first thing you should do is to assess your practice and ascertain whether it is worth taking to the business realm. When it comes to business, customers always look for two things – quality and value. The quality of your services should be clear from the get-go. You should know what your strengths are. This like your follow-up procedures, the tools you have and the talent that you intend to use at your business are essential.  

Don’t leave technology out of the equation

When it comes to business competitiveness, uniqueness is a key factor. As reported by, many new customers in the market are attracted to innovative products. For this reason, technology must be at the core of your services. Technology is crucial in helping you manage and run the pediatric business. You should know about all the latest tools that can help you achieve a seamless workflow and happy clients. 


A key factor that helps businesses stand out in the modern market is the proper use of data. For your pediatric practice, customer data will be crucial in helping you gauge your competitiveness in the market.  

Dr. Steven Odzer’s 5 points to knowing and retaining your customers 

Knowing the customer is the key to having excellent customer relations. Retaining them also takes effort on the part of the business involved. Practitioners need to realize that their customers are not just patients but paying clients. Dr. Odzer has the following tips that will help you know your customers better.  


  • Create an ample environment that allows customers to express themselves freely. 
  • Give customers the chance to access services during weekends.  
  • Let your business be part of the community through various initiatives. 
  • Give parenting advice and help whenever it is needed. 
  • Engage with the community through digital platforms.  

Consider using tested and proven methods 

Another key factor that differentiates a good pediatric business from an average one is the use of the best practices. Whether it’s the clinical approaches or the accounting procedures, using the industry-standard is always the best move. Pediatric practice as a business is so much more than just having the right touch when it comes to the medical realm. Other issues like understanding workflow and financials are just as important. It is thus vital to treat the business as a venture entity that requires the best management to succeed. 


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