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Stories for my Grandchild by Honey Good

Stories for my Grandchild by Honey Good

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Stories for My Grandchild is a keepsake journal for the twenty-first-century grandmother. It contains writing prompts that that are tailored to capture a contemporary woman’s life: her family history, memories, values, and personality. Conceived by Honey Good, grandmother to a blended family of twenty-five grandchildren, the prompts in this journal are written from the perspective that every woman follows her own path in life. Her grandchildren will love knowing how she amused herself as a child, what dating was like when she was a teenager, and how she navigated challenges and opportunities throughout adulthood. Stories for My Grandchild is a hardcover with a cloth spine, foil-stamped case, and features stylish watercolor artwork throughout. It is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, baby shower gift, or birthday present for the discerning grandmother.


What We Thought

I am all about leaving memories behind for children. I cherish the stories that my grandma passed to me and all of the time I had with her. I was fortunate enough to have 3 grandparents until I was 28 years old. That is a blessing. At 33 I still have 1 grandmother and I am also thankful for her.

Stories for my Grandchild by Honey Good adds character to the legacy of having a grandmother. I love seeing someone’s handwriting and it is something that is going by the wayside these days. I treasure seeing my own grandma’s writing and knowing that she always took time to write notes after visits, shared meals and especially after holidays to thank people for the things they did for her and my granddad. We called then Nan-na and Pop Pop which was always so special to me.

I wish that something like this had been around when I was a child, however I am making sure that the legacy of my mom and the memories she carries are shared with our boys.  They love their “GaGa” and I can’t wait to see how my mom fills this book out for our boys. This book is sure to be a hit and won’t break the bank either coming in at just $16.99 on Amazon. It is a hard cover too which is something that I love.

From Honey Good:

Today’s 21st Century grandmother chooses her title. She may pick, Abuelita or Bubbie or Grandma or Honey. Some grandmothers travel the world, and others go near and far by watching National Geographic on their television screen, or they read books on the history and cultures of places around the world, that pique their fancies. Some grandmothers have blended families, some live with their grandchildren, and others live far away from family. Some live on farms, some live in cities. Grandmothers are a melting pot of nationalities and religions. My prompts had to be written for every type of grandmother. This was my challenge!


Something for every grandmother and that is just what this world needs! If you are looking to gift Grandma with something special this Valentine’s Day please check out Stories for my Grandchild and let Grandma (or whatever you choose to call her) share her life in a very personal way with your children.

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