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Struggling To Lose Those Last Few Pounds? My Tips To Help

What is it with the last little bit of weight that you need to lose? Even if you have lost a couple of hundred pounds beforehand, those final few can really be pesky to get rid of. When you first start to diet and exercise, it is easy to see the weight drop off. But after a while, even when doing the same thing, the weight loss will plateau, and it will level off. You might just think that that is your body shape and you’re not meant to lose anymore. But the thing is, there are things that you can do. It can take a bit of extra effort, but it will make a difference to shifting those last few pounds that you have to lose. Here are some tips and tricks to get you on your way.

Portion Size


Some of why you might have gained weight could be to do with portion control and portion size. It could be that when you see an empty plate or bowl, you feel like you have to fill it. But that isn’t the case. So being stricter about the portions that you serve yourself is important. It might even be worth getting something like new, smaller plates, just to help you on your way.


Kick Cravings


It can be hard to shift those last few pounds when you are giving into some cravings that you might have. We can all crave certain things at certain times. But they can be bad for us and full of bad fat and calories. So one of the best things to do is to look for healthier alternatives. If you are looking for something to calm your sweet tooth, then would some raw dark chocolate work instead? How about some dried fruit that has no sugar added? Over time, your cravings will become less and less. If you do struggle with controlling your cravings, in a big way, it could be worth looking into a supplement like Royal XXI Queen as a way to help control your cravings. So have a look at what you eat and which of those things that you just impulsively ate because you were craving it. Then you can start looking for healthier alternatives.


Do More Resistance Training


A lot of people choose to just step on the treadmill when they want to lose weight. While that is a good idea, there are other things that will better help your weight loss goals. Think about adding in some more resistance training to your routine. There are several reasons why this is beneficial. One of which is that the more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn when you are just sat still. Second, of all, your body will look more toned and possibly change shape when you weight train. So it needs to be included in an effective exercise routine.
Hope these three things will give you some ideas to help you to get to your target weight goal.

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