Stylish Living Room Design Ideas for Minimalists

Stylish Living Room Design Ideas for Minimalists

Can minimalist be stylish? You may think that minimalist equals boring, but this is not true at all. In fact, there are many ways that a minimalist room can create a huge impact when it comes to style and overall aesthetics.


And it’s easy to achieve too. If you want to start in your living room, take a look at the following design tips.


Go the Neutral Route


When it comes to wall paint, you can’t go wrong with neutrals if you are trying to achieve a minimalist look. A great-looking minimalist living room will have a calm and inviting atmosphere brought about by its neutral tones.


Think lovely shades of beige, ecru, or biscuit. Of course, white is always a good idea for that maximum minimalist style. Depending on the general vibe that you want your minimalist living room to have, you can pick warm or cool white to paint your walls with.


Choose Clean Lines


A minimalist living room features clean lines, not overly intricate details. Think furniture with straight silhouettes and other fixtures that are sparse in details. Avoid chairs, tables, or cabinets that are clearly baroque or rococo in aesthetics.


Instead of choosing furniture that has delicate carvings, go for modern and simple. In other parts of the living room, such as the windows, you can have curved details but make sure that they are not overwhelming or do not take away the sense of calm that a minimalist living room lends.


Do Away with Clutter


Some people like to decorate their living rooms with various vignettes. They like to display mementos, photos, and other small decorative items. If you want a minimalist living room, you will want to do away with these little design elements. These can create clutter, and a minimalist home does not tolerate clutter.


However, there is still a way to display decorative items without succumbing to mess. Simply limit their numbers, tones, and textures, and your living room will still look and feel like a calm oasis. If you want throw pillows or vases, limit the colors to maintain the living room’s minimalist look. You can opt for fancy curtain ties to add a bit of flair to your curtains.


Dedicate Space for Dark Fixtures


Love drama in home style? You don’t have to sacrifice this even if you are going the minimalist route in your living room. The best way to achieve design drama is by choosing dark fixtures to complement your beige or ecru wall paint.


Sofas in dark and rich gray colors will look quite at home in a minimalist living room. Other things that you can choose in dark colors are curtains or some area rugs. Again, as mentioned above, make sure that these showcase straight and clean lines, not intricate designs.


Showcase Sleek Storage


While it is a dream to have a clutter-free home, the reality of the situation is that you simply have or use too many things in your day-to-day lives. In the living room, for example, you likely often use electronics, reading materials, and other essentials. So what do you do with them if you want a minimalist living room?


The answer lies in stylish storage. Pepper your living room with sleek and modern cabinets or drawers for keeping your remote controls, books, magazines, and other important things. They’ll still be within reach, but they will be hidden within minimalist furniture.


Start the Minimalist Lifestyle Now


Ready to go minimalist in your living room now? Simply follow the steps above, and you will be well on your way to enjoying a peaceful and calming space. If you need to get rid of some furniture in order to achieve this, don’t forget that you can donate them or sell them for cheap using reputable online platforms.

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