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Summer Learning with Gakken Play Smart Workbooks


Summer Learning with Gakken Play Smart Workbooks

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About Gakken Play Smart Workbooks

Now, just in time to combat the summer learning slide, Gakken has released six more FUN workbooks: Play Smart Picture Puzzlers.

These six new workbooks, for curious kids ages 2 and up, are packed with more than 60 fun-first, adorably illustrated activities, a wipe-clean game board, and more than 80 colorful stickers-value priced at $6.99! Created by child development experts and teachers, Play Smart Picture Puzzlers totally engaging and developmentally on-target for the preschool set. They are perfect for quiet time at home and easy to pack for road trips and family vacations.


What We Thought

We absolutely love that learning throughout the summer doesn’t have to come to a halt with the creation of these great workbooks from Gakken. The Play Smart Picture Puzzlers¬†are the perfect brain builders for summer days when outdoor play has to be limited because of heat or you are just looking for something quiet for your kids to do.

Jack enjoyed the stickers and had a great time working on his age 4+ books. He has always loved workbooks but often they are designed to break the bank more than enhance the learning experience. The Play Smart work books are only $6.99 and can be purchased on Amazon and brought right to your door.

I love that the books even for younger kids need very little direction. Jack has figured out most of the activities on his own and loves that he can learn independently without having mom breathing down his neck. I feel as a parent that having something like this is so influential in his learning experience.

We a homeschooling family we find it hard to keep up with “busy work” and often there are very limited challenges to just sitting and coloring in a coloring book. The Play Smart books are building skills while still being fun and looking like something a child enjoys doing instead of like a traditional school book.

In the future we plan to introduce our youngest to these books as well since his 2nd birthday is right around the corner (how did that happen?!?!) and we want to get his little mind working as well. These books span such a crucial age range for learning and we love that they are so fun and colorful even for the youngest minds. The characters used in the books are fun as well and have brought lots of laughs and learning into our home.

Thank you Gakken Workbooks for the great books! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! We are featuring these great learning resources in our 2018 Back to School Guide not only for summer enrichment but also supplemental learning and quiet learning in our homeschool environment.

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