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Summertime Teeth Tips by GEDC

Summertime Teeth Tips by GEDC


Summertime is here and that means lots of backyard BBQ and fun times for most of us. Lets face it, sometimes in the Summer months we are more worried about having fun than keeping up with our teeth. Of course we brush them, but do we really take the extra time that it takes to keep them looking great?

Here are some times from Great Expressions Dental Centers:

Tip 1:

When at a backyard BBQ, bring a cheese tray so you know you’ll have something healthy to nibble on! Cheese is not only healthy for you, but it’s also tasty and the calcium and phosphates help neutralize plaque acid, which ultimately reduces cavities.

Tip 2:

While camping, it’s hard to stay away from the s’mores and sweets. Be sure to drink a lot of water and brush and floss when you’re done. Water helps wash away food debris and keeps your saliva levels high. Saliva is your mouths best defense against tooth decay because the proteins and minerals counteract enamel-eating acids.

Tip 3:

Taking a trip to the beach? Pack simple snacks, like apples, almonds, and carrots. Fruits and veggies are high in fiber and produce saliva, which rinses away bacteria and food particles. Almonds are also great for your teeth because they are a good source of calcium and protein, but low in sugar.


If you follow these simple tips plus your daily oral care routine, you can keep your teeth extra healthy this summer!!


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