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Sumo Citrus; A Sweet Treat


Sumo Citrus; A Sweet Treat

We received the mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. Thoughts contained within this post may vary from the thoughts of others.


About Sumo Citrus

Sumo Citrus® are seedless mandarins that are so delicious they’re often given as gifts in Japan, the country where they were developed. Now available in the United States and Canada, each Sumo Citrus is hand-picked and packed for peak flavor. They’re only available a few months every year, so treat yourself to a taste while they’re around!


What We Thought

We received this great giftable box from Sumo Citrus and honestly I wondered what the fuss was but I have 2 citrus loving boys and wanted to see what this craze was all about and see if they loved them as much as I thought they would.


Fast forward to getting the box opened and seeing this funny “for you…. for them (or you)” package made me giggle. I love when companies use humor in advertising.


I opened the box to find 2 very plump seedless mandarins


These delicious beauties were gobbled up by 2 little boys but I got to try a few slices to add my thoughts as well. I found them easy to peel, they were tender and juicy and pretty sweet. The boys devoured them pretty much as soon as the slices hit the bowl.


Check the Sumo Citrus Where to Buy link to find out where you can get yours and also how to purchase online.

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