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Surprise Mom with Just Add Ice Orchids

Surprise Mom with Just Add Ice Orchids

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The older I get the more I love and appreciate house plants. Just Add Ice sent us the amazing Coral Reef Orchid for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide this year and I couldn’t be more impressed. Everything from the emails that let me know it was on its way to the tips on care and the packaging had me amazed. Something as fragile as an orchid arrived to my door like it had been hand selected for me as well as hand delivered.

The orchid came with some great care tips:

This little packet had me well on my way to knowing how to care for this precious plant!

The ease of care is amazing to me because I always thought that orchids were the hardest plant to care for. I was proven very wrong.


Since its arrival several more buds have opened up and I have such a beautiful plant to make my day brighter while I am at my desk. I have other plants as well, but with this one being the tallest and the one with the most blooms right now it is a real show stopper

Adding my 3 cubes of ice each week is really easy to remember and I try to always take care of my plants on Sundays. I just water them all on the same day to make remembering a cinch.


About Coral Reef Orchid:

Coral colored blooms and branching coral-shaped embellishments combine to showcase your love for the sea. It looks beautiful in any room of the house, especially with seashells or other ocean decor. Low-maintenance and long-lasting, Just Add Ice orchids make a perfect gift.

About Just Add Ice:

Grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the United States, Just Add Ice® orchids are breathtaking decor for the home or workspace. Green Circle Growers has 33 acres of dedicated orchid production, making it the largest orchid producer in North America. Just Add Ice® orchids are grown in an environmentally friendly fashion, using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation and a sustainable heat source.

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