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Surprise Your Loved Ones with an Adorable Photo Blanket Gift

Surprise Your Loved Ones with an Adorable Photo Blanket Gift


We create many memories during our lifetime. Be it with your family or with your friends, these memories can be forever captured through pictures. They are the only and most favorable way to seize precious moments that you can look and enjoy in the future. Moreover, the craze to do this particular activity has developed to such an extent that there are multiple tools available today. Be it with your mobile phone camera or a professional camera, the options are many.


The world of creativity today is developing to a great extent. While clicking pictures through any medium is an important way to capture moments, you can take a step ahead to enhance your best click. Putting your favorite clicks inside frames is now old fashioned. It is time for you to upgrade this step and go for photo blankets! With the advancement in technology and the growing demand for creativeness, that is one of the many creations people have accepted widely.


What is a Photo Blanket?

As the name suggests, this is an innovative approach to get pictures of your choice imprinted on blankets. Yes! These photo blankets can be a unique and exciting gift to give to your loved ones. You can opt for this personalized gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or even graduation day. This new technology is taking the market by storm and is being widely accepted for its creative and wonderful result.


There is no restriction on whose picture(s) you wish to get imprinted. It can be of yourself or anyone close to your heart such as your partner, your pet(s), your other family members, or the beautiful destination(s) you visited. However, you should be careful when approaching a service provider for the same. Ensure that they own the latest technology to create these wonderful arts which last forever.


How is a Photo Blanket Made?

To create one such wonderful photo blanket, a digital format colored photo is required. It is of utmost importance that the particular photo(s) you choose should be of high resolution. The experts at The Memories Place suggest using a high-resolution picture to ensure the best results with no hassle of pixilation and color fading. If possible, you should also be ready with an additional picture so that if for any reason the first doesn’t comply with the quality, you’ll have a second one ready.


Once the picture is finalized and the required technical procedures are completed, the image is then either knitted or woven. This choice of fabric can be others as well, depending upon the availability and choice of the customers. When the service is taken up from a renowned photo blanket expert in your area, you will be assured of never getting the work fade. You can also wash the fabric as and when necessary without the fear of damaging it. 


What to Keep in Mind When Making a Photo Blanket?

As this is definitely one of the most innovative ways to surprise someone, therefore, it is extremely important that you take all the necessary measures. To help you get started, here are a few points that you should keep in mind:


  1.   Pictures: The most important role played in a photo blanket is that of the picture(s) you wish to add. So, this is the foremost step that you need to take. Choose the right picture that you wish to create a photo blanket of and ensure that it is of the best quality. After all, this personalized gift option is meant to be one of a kind! Additionally, you should also keep in mind that the chosen image is of a memory meant to be cherished forever.


  1.   Occasion: As a photo blanket is a great gifting option apart from making one for yourself, it is important that you choose the occasion. There are many occasions that fall in one’s life and hence, this one should be a special one too. Picking the right occasion will allow the person to understand its worth better while creating more memories together. 


  1.   Avoid Picture Flooding: Do not flood the photo blanket with many pictures. Though this is possible to be done, too many pictures can give a messy result. The layout of the pictures you choose should be perfectly organized and putting in many pictures may not allow the same.


  1.   Choosing the Spot: While this should and can be a choice of the person receiving the gift, but if you can choose the spot to hang the blanket, it may help you get more innovative. If you are aware of the different spots in the residence or workplace of the individual, then it may help you choose the right pictures, frame colors, and so on. 


  1.   Choosing a Professional: Once all the above-mentioned steps are covered from your end, the final step is to look for an experienced and professional photo blanket maker. He or she should have the skills to design the pictures and add the necessary elements to make them picture-perfect. Additionally, the professional should also understand your expectations and recommend the fabric, design, and size of the photo blanket accordingly.


The process of making a personalized gift is the most enjoyable experience for both the giver and the taker. It is worth every time and penny that one spends when making the same. Therefore, the significance of getting it done with complete research and from expert hands is necessary. If you too are planning to make one for your loved ones, ensure that you hire the best in your area. You can do your research on the internet and come across several service providers offering personalized photo blanket solutions. You can do your part of sorting down a couple of websites and comparing the available services along with prices. This will work wonders in allowing you to connect with the experts.


So, what are you waiting for? Go and check for the best pictures you have of your loved one and surprise him or her with this adorable gift on their special day.

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