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Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats


Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats

I received the following products from Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this post are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.


About Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats-

It all started as a hobby and my love of making my own candles and bath products. I went from selling to friends, family and co-workers to now a business. I use quality soy-blend wax and bath ingredients. That’s one thing great about homemade products, is that we make ever item at the time of order to ensure you get the freshest products available. Here at Sweet Candle Melts and Bath Treats we’re proud to provide quality products directly to you. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.

What We Thought-

I love when our house is filled with different smells, but what I do not like is open flame from candles especially with pets and kids. I do not know the last time I lit an actual candle, but our wax warmers are always turned on warming something. I have tried  numerous brands, some are very expensive and some on the cheaper side. I am not always happy with them because the scent doesn’t last or it is just too weak.

With Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats our home smells amazing and not only that but I got to review an amazing bath scrub, too. After trying out a couple of the scents pictured above I decided to head over to the website and check out the price points. I am blown away! The prices for the products that we got are amazing. Wax melts for as little as $2.50 and the sugar scrub which will get LOTS of uses is only $6.50.

What I really love is that I am not buying these from a big box store, but from someone who puts their heart into what they are making meaning that this little shop cares a lot more for its customers and I feel that my products are made with love.

I have found that these scents last for several days, they are easy to clean from my warmer and also I am finding that the packaging holds the scent as well. Sometimes products that are packaged differently lose scent before they even make it to the door of the buyer. This is not the case with Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats. I am sold as far as being a customer.

Product Review Cafe is pleased to add these products to our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide as the perfect gifts for someone special and even as a stocking stuffer!

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