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    Kitchen Remodel Part 3- The Sink & Dishwasher

      Kitchen Remodel Part 3- The Sink & Dishwasher This post may contain affiliate links   Welcome to part 3 of our kitchen remodel series. I have tried to be 100% real about the issues we ran into with this project and the little bits and pieces that came with it. I found that I was very particular about certain details of this. The kitchen sink was a very important and big part of this remodel. I wanted to go from a double bowl to a single. This was huge for quite a few reasons, one of which will be highlighted later this year when we start canning more. (think…

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    Kitchen Remodel Part Two: Walls and Flooring

      Kitchen Remodel Part Two: Walls and Flooring   Part one if you guys remember was our fridge dying and needing to be replaced ASAP. This part will discuss flooring and walls. Yes, I even covered the walls after the 2013 painting frenzy. I got on Lowes.com after looking online at the best options for really old and filthy wood flooring. This flooring had been covered in linoleum after the home was built. We know that our house was built in 1955 but have no idea when the hardwood was covered. Regardless I felt that after the removal of the linoleum the floor never looked clean even after applying poly.…

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    Our Kitchen Remodeling Adventure Part 1

    I always knew that I wanted to fully remodel our kitchen at some point. We started this process in November 2014. Yes you read that right– Twenty Fourteen. Life happened. One kid turned into two kids and things just didn’t finish in the kitchen. We did however change the wall color from a 1970’s yellow to a sage and we painted the dated 1950’s wooden cabinets white. February was quickly ending and we were preparing for our youngest to turn 4. It was going to be another covid inspired birthday with just my parents and a friend over. The birthday boy had requested spaghetti and strawberry birthday cake. I was…

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