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How To Take Control Of Your Family Finances

Taking control of our financial family life can be easier said than done most of the time. When it feels like the money is pouring out and not enough is coming back in we can feel panicked and a little overwhelmed.


So today we are sharing our tips on how to take control of your family’s finances, the areas that you can save money and how to give yourself the confidence to take on the challenges that expensive family life can throw at you.


Establish Family Goals


Parents that are able to focus on the objectives of their families are the ones, generally more able to take the necessary steps to reach those objectives. Therefore you should be trying to visualise what you want and need for yourself and your family and from there, you can plan the active steps necessary to get those things.


It could be that you want to be able to afford for your children to be involved in more school field trips or after school activities, or perhaps you would like to finally invest in that basement renovation. Visualising the goals that you have for your family will automatically have you creating financial strategies on how to achieve them.


Get Planning


So you have already visualised your goals and have clearly set out what you want for your family this year, now is the time to start planning how you can afford them. Thinking about how you can afford to meet the important goals of your family, whilst still living comfortably is key to ensuring your don’t stretch yourself too thin and have to cut back too much in other areas.


So with that in mind, try starting with the smaller details and work your way into the bigger details. The smaller details can be anything from the budget for the children’s packed lunch or your weekly shopping spending, these finer details are a good place to start when thinking carefully about where your family outgoings are being allocated.


From there you can plan cheaper and more resourceful ways of going about things that are perhaps eating into your monthly budget. Shopping cleverly by planning the weekly meals, in advance, can make a big difference when you can reduce the amount of impulsive dinners at fast food restaurants, or last minute takeaways, because there is nothing in the fridge.


Home Summers


Instead of doling out huge amounts of cash on expensive holidays abroad, why not consider spending this summer on home turf? Why not save some serious cash this summer and think of some really fun activities that you can do with your children in your local area over the summer holidays. Researching free events and activities in your local community can mean that your kids are happy and entertained over the summer months without you having to shell out for insanely expensive family holidays abroad.


Warranty Watch


The big, expensive items in your houses like ovens, washing machines and dishwashers need to be really looked after to make sure you are not needing to pay out for hefty repair charges at the least opportune moments. So not only do you need to be really careful with the way you use these larger, more expensive household items, you will also want to make sure you have the right warranty cover on all these items.


So if anything does go wrong, then you are fully covered for free repair or a free replacement if necessary. If you are not sure what your situation is with the warranties on your expensive electrical equipment, read this first and then decide what action you need to take to make sure you are covered.


Get Into the Second Hand Trend


Buying and selling second hand goods has never been easier, than it is now, with all the many second hand apps available, like . So why not have a rummage through your clothes and home items and see if there are any items that you’d be able to sell and make a little cash on.


The world of second hand buying and selling is of a really high quality these days. Because there is so much choice, second hand buyers are becoming much more picky so make sure that you only sell items of a high quality.


Set up a professional and trustworthy looking profile, get some great pics up, to make your items look as desirable as possible and wait for the enquiries to come rolling in. Second hand buying and selling now is all about quick reactions and friendly communication, so make sure you do both of those things to ensure you get a good user review on profile, so that people will feel confident and happy buying from you.



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