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Tasty Treats That Are As Healthy As They Are Delicious!

Diets, aargh!!! That is how I feel when I know it is time to start eating healthier. To be honest, I think far worse but I can’t write it down in good conscience. After all, this is a family site. But that is what eating healthy makes me think and feel. There are times when temptation consumes me and all I think about is food, and I know others feel the same. Recently, though, I came across a game changer. I found out that the trick to healthily eating is to indulge every now and again, and the healthier the treat the better. Then I came across a few examples of treats that are healthy as well as delicious and had to share them. I don’t mind saying you’re welcome because I know they will change your life. They did mine!


Dark Chocolate


Stop the front pages, hold the press and all that jazz because it is true – chocolate is healthy! How is chocolate healthy I hear you say amidst the din of whooping and hollering? Well, it turns out what I can only assume as chocoholic scientists have discovered it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. There is a caveat (no, that doesn’t say Kit-Kat) and the caveat is dark chocolate is better than milk or the white stuff. So, if like me you prefer the latter, it is time to make the switch. I mean, we can’t complain; we get to eat chocolate and not feel guilty!



Another of my favourites, popcorn is pretty much calorie-free. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Let’s face it; there is nothing in popcorn. All it contains is grain, and grain is good for you. Obviously, it isn’t healthy if it has a salt or caramel covering because they are full of calories. Still, plain popcorn is full of fibre and antioxidants that have healthy properties. Fibre, for example, helps regulate the bowels. Not the most glamorous job, I admit, but an important one all the same!




Scientists tell us that meat is the devil. Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating but we are constantly told to cut down on meat. After all, the WHO classes red meat in the same category as smoking for cancer. I mean, come on! The good news is not all meat is bad. In fact, meat like turkey is awesome. For whatever reason, turkeys are a lot leaner than their fatter poultry friends like chicken. As a result, the meat is all protein and contains hardly any calories. Plus it’s good for the muscles. God bless those gym-loving birds!




‘What, no, pork is red meat – it will give you cancer!’ Pork is red meat, but it won’t give anyone cancer unless it is consumed by the truckload. The better news is that it is good for the human body in relatively small portions. Pork, for example, contains iron, and iron helps to fight diseases like anemia. It is no wonder people flock to sites with a great pork chops collection when it is as healthy as it is tasty. And that is what I find the great about pork. I get sick and tired of eating fish and chicken and turkey, so it gives me a lift when I can mix it up and not feel guilty.



Eggs have a bit of a reputation, and it isn’t a good one. The truth is, well as far as I know anyway, their reputation is a tad unfortunate. Sure, they do contribute to high cholesterol levels and that’s extremely dangerous. The thing is they also have plenty of protein and healthy vitamins. So, what is my expert advice, you ask? Well, just keep the eggs to a minimum. One or two a day should be enough to get all the health benefits without any of the negatives.




Yes, I know that beer isn’t food, but I had to mention it. Just don’t take this one away from me, please! Studies show that the right amount of beer can protect a person against heart disease and increase their mental capacity. The trick is not to overindulge because the studies are based on people that drink one pint a day at no more than 5%. As long as it makes me a super intelligent being with a longer lifespan I don’t care!



Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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