Technologies To Help Your Roofing Business

Technologies To Help Your Roofing Business

When you start a roofing business, you want to be as proficient and organized as possible. Back in the day, this was very had to do. One because technology was not where is was as it is today. Now we have access to mobile applications that can make a roofing business owner’s life a lot better. This technology allows owners to better service their clients and get new ones faster than ever. People are more pleased with the business that is transparent. Here are some things that technology is helping when it come to running a roofing business.


Cloud-Base Apps

Cloud-base apps are great when it comes to keeping in touch with not only your customers but your team. You can now send invoices, reports and daily activities in moments. They are capable of holding large amounts of information that a company can organize within minutes. These kind of apps also allow you to store information for access later. This is especially good when working with teams in the field to keep them up to date on what they need to be doing. Even if you have a dispute with a client, you will have the automatic reach to the information to clear things up.


Aerial Roof Measurements

This kind of technology is essential to roofing companies. It basically allows for measurements that have 95 percent of accuracy. The measurements allow the roofer to get an idea of the pitch, hips, leaves and roof’s length. Aerial roof measurements are such a powerful tool that many roof contractors are using specific applications that they can download for free. Aerial roof measurements are cost effective and are simply smart when it comes to accuracy and time. Roof data is necessary to cost out any job and get it done.


Time Tracking Scheduling Device

A roofing business can favor drastically when knowing where their team is at all times. Using mobile devices to schedule your crews can make all the difference to revenue. The great thing about going mobile is that when someone can’t make it to a job you can be notified immediately. This gives you enough time to move things around from the convenience of your work truck or office. Obviously, since smartphones are now on the market, you can contact your worker to find out how the job is going either from a text, audio or even a short video.


Scheduling employees at multiple jobs can turn into disaster if you don’t have the right technology. For the roofing business that has grown from just three people and now it has over a hundred can be challenging to manage. A good time tracking device or scheduling app keeps all labor up to date, shows the cost and who is working and who isn’t. Maintaining proper work schedules is crucial when it comes to budgeting your next job. You need to know who is reliable, available and the most efficient.


Photos and Video

With technology today the roofing business can literally show you everything that is happening on the job. This goes for when you are traveling and how the work progress is going. From a basic smartphone or a sophisticated app, an owner can send multiple shots and audio explanations of how your roof is coming along. Further, with a little help from social media, a roofing business can dedicate a social media handle specifically for your project allowing you to check in off and on. Being able to send a simple photo or video up date can gain any roofing business a lot of customers.


This proves to any customer that you stand by your work and promise to do a great job. It also can protect your business as well. If for any reason your company is accused of anything, you will have the backup of video and photos to present your case. This is very helpful if things get ugly and you find yourself in a lawsuit. It’s hard for anyone to question your work when you are constantly giving them visuals and even small little videos showing all progress, problems and work completed. This practice not only makes your business stronger it sends the message that you are prepared to dispute anything and are monitoring your track of accomplishments as you go.


Contract App

There are many contract and document application on the market regarding technology for roofing contractors or companies. Once a customer approaches you about their particular need for repair or installation, often you will enter into some kind of contract. That said, you can now have a customized contract on hand within your mobile device and send it to the customer for their signature. There is no paperwork involved and it cuts down on any misunderstandings.


Further, just because you can send it over in minutes doesn’t mean the client has to sign right then and there. They have the document in their possession and may want their attorney to look it over to make sure it’s legit. That is one thing an application for contracts can do for a roofing business. It brings about professionalism and organization seen by the client. They know you are skilled at what you are doing and utilize smart tools to reduce unnecessary work.


Repetitive work


The great thing about using a mobile technology device or software is that it decreases the need for loads of paperwork. Most roofing companies can find themselves overwhelmed at the office with stacks of records, payroll, client files and more. Technology has afforded us the great gift of keeping everything in one place or by category. You can even access your information within minutes and don’t have to deal with digging or sifting through piles of information. This can be one of the causes a roofing business can actually fail when it starts. Poor management of their paperwork from within and outside the office. The manager is loss for how to control it all and make sense of it. Do yourself a favor and look around for the best apps that can help you cut down on paperwork, you’ll be happy you did. Not all organizational apps are the same so you will need to do a little research to find the right fit.


Starting any kind of business can be tricky. When you are a roofing contractor you have a lot of people counting on you to be reliable and successful. This can be your team, current clients and new ones you pick up along the way. Make use of the technology available by using your mobile devices. Seek out software that keeps clients and teams updated as to what project is changing or needs adjustment. Learn to bring customers inside the working environment via photo or videos. This is a powerful tool to use and can bring you a whole new customer base. Though you can post photos of work on your website, it’s also means a whole lot more when you can send the roofing job progress directly to a customer’s phone. That is highly impressive and you are bound to get more clientele. Most people want to see what is going on and what you are doing. You can also keep a lot more employees when they are scheduled effectively. No one wants to work for anyone that has no idea where to place them or what job they are working on. By streamlining your labor schedule, you will also know about the costs involved.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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