The Activewear Trend- Everything That A Fashionista Should Know

The Activewear Trend- Everything That A Fashionista Should Know

Looking good is no longer only about what you wear; it is also about the state of mind that brings confidence. And when it comes to finding confidence in what you wear, the outfit has to be as comfortable as it is stylish and trendy. It comes as no surprise that the activewear trend is gaining such immense popularity. These outfits are just right for fashionistas looking to nail a perfect blend of good looks, comfort, and practicality, a rare combination to find. But before you embrace this trend, it becomes important to understand the reality of activewear and how you can use it to redefine your style sense.

What is activewear?

As the name implies, activewear is the clothing apt for sport or exercise but the definition is much broader if you scratch the surface. Apart from being a supportive and comfortable fashion that you can wear to the gym or for physical activities, it is stylish and trendy enough to be worn for casual outings. You don’t need to confine it for physical activity, rather you can wear it while relaxing at home, spending time with your gang, or going to the local coffee shop or shopping mall. So it is not meant just for athletes and sportswomen, but every woman can embrace the trend effortlessly. Moreover, dressing in activewear lets you strike the perfect balance between comfort and style, which is something fashionistas often struggle with.

Activewear fabrics 

Since these outfits are made to deliver comfort and flexibility, the choice of fabric is important. Basically, the fabric used for them should have enough stretch to facilitate the movements of your body as you exercise. High-quality fabrics made by quilting mayhem are good for these types of outfits. Additionally, the ones with moisture-wicking properties are ideal because they ensure comfort even when you sweat profusely. Another aspect of fabric is support because you need outfits that are supportive enough to look good even while you stretch and jump. Brands and companies like Fabletics prioritize the use of the right fabrics in the outfits they create. Whether it is leggings, tops, or innerwear you pick, do assess the fabric quality, and ensure that it meets all the requisite parameters.

The difference between activewear and sportswear

Although the terms activewear and sportswear are often considered overlapping, both have their unique purposes and differences. Sportswear is only meant for exercising or taking part in sports while activewear is flexible when it comes to wearing these to casual outings and even at work or shopping. Sportswear focuses solely on comfort and functionality, in terms of being lightweight and having the right level of stretch and thermal properties. With activewear, however, you can expect significant attention to cut and style because these outfits are meant to be fashionable in addition to being functional. And you will probably find a lot more variety in these outfits, in terms of colors, prints and patterns.

As a modern fashionista who wants to look good and feel great all the time, there is no way you can ignore the activewear trend. So if you have them, just style them and if you don’t, go ahead and pick a few trendy pieces to make your casual wardrobe more stylish than ever. 

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