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The Best Places to Visit If You’re Looking for Legendary Food

There’s no denying that the United States has an incredible food culture. It has benefited greatly from the huge amounts of immigration from all over the world, and the diverse cuisines that people have brought with them. The country has also developed its own unique cuisines, which vary by region and have been influenced by how those regions have developed. If you’re planning a vacation somewhere in the US and you’re looking for legendary American foods, there are some top locations that you really don’t want to miss out on. Here are some of the places you should visit if you’re looking for iconic American dishes.

New Orleans, LA


Some people might find it hard to think of another city that has a foodie scene quite as incredible as the one in New Orleans. There’s even an entire montage dedicated to it in an episode of The Simpsons. You can spend weeks touring the city and still find incredible places to eat. But what should you start with? There’s the classic po’boy sandwich, gumbo, jambalaya, beignets, bananas foster, and so much more. The food in New Orleans is influenced by French cuisine, Creole cuisine, Cajun cuisine, and soul food, so you’ll find plenty of hearty dishes.


Philly, PA


Philadelphia is largely known for one particular dish, but it’s one of the most famous sandwiches in the US. The Philadelphia cheesesteak might sound simple, but a good one can really blow your mind. Of course, everyone in the city has their own opinions on the best place to get one. If you want to branch out from the cheesesteak, there are some other iconic foods in the city too. If it’s sandwiches you’re looking for, roast pork sandwiches and hoagies are two of your options. Then there are soft pretzels, water ice, tomato pie, and so much more.

Chicago, IL


When you think of food in Chicago, deep-dish pizza is probably what’s going to come to your mind first. It’s a pizza like no other, with plenty of sauce and toppings. Some will claim it’s the only real way to eat pizza. But there’s also more to Chicago than their pizza, and much more to explore if you decide to visit. Italian beef sandwiches are another classic dish found in the city, and you don’t want to miss out on a Chicago-style hotdog while you’re there. Just remember that it’s mustard only on your hotdog – no ketchup allowed.


New York City, NY


If there were a battle of the pizzas, Chicago would be pitted against New York. The two pizza styles are very different and both have their devotees. But, like Chicago, NYC’s food scene has a lot more going for it than its pizza. New York is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a diverse range of cuisines, whether it’s Italian, Jewish, Japanese, Greek, Mexican or anything else you might be in the mood for.


Find incredible food across the US by visiting these cities and discovering what they have to offer.

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