The Best Widgets You Can Use on Your Android Home Screen

The Best Widgets You Can Use on Your Android Home Screen

A widget is a smaller, condensed version of an app that you can place on the home screen of your Android device. Many users create layouts with widgets to provide quick, at-a-glance access to information on their phones, like the weather or their favorite playlist. You’re missing out if you’re not designing your phone’s screen to include widgets! Keep reading to see what widgets are the best to use on your Android home screen.

Monthly Calendars

One of the most useful widgets to have on your Android is a calendar because we tend to look at our schedules frequently throughout the day. Instead of constantly navigating to the app, you can quickly glance at the calendar on your home screen to see what plans or appointments you may have that day.

Notes and To-Do Lists

Do you like to keep notes on your phone? Do you constantly update the same note, such as a grocery list? If you do, notes are great widgets to add because you can access this information immediately without navigating to another app on your phone. Now, instead of waiting to pull up the note in the grocery store, all you need to do is unlock your phone to see the list on the home screen!

Music and Playlists

We all listen to music; whether it’s on the treadmill or in the car, we use our favorite music apps often. If you gravitate toward the same playlist, why not add it to your home screen? A music widget is just one of the many widgets you can add. However, it’s a great one to start with because it’s personal to you and likely something you will use every day.

Weather Forecasts

Another popular widget many individuals choose to download onto their Android home screen is weather apps. Sometimes, we need to know the temperature before getting dressed in the morning or before we head out for a walk. The weather affects our daily routine, so adding this widget to your home screen makes glancing at the weather forecast much more accessible.

Text Messages

You might contact many different people throughout the week or month, but there are usually a select few you message every day. This could be a significant other, best friend, or family member. Consider loading a text message widget with your frequent contacts onto the home screen, so you can quickly click on these threads to message people back.

The best widgets you can use on your Android home screen are the ones that make your daily life more manageable and accessible. If you like the suggestions above, your Android likely has a pre-downloaded widget, or the Google Play store has several other options you can download for free or purchase. And if you’re looking for more fun ways to switch up your phone usage, there are plenty of other interesting features you can customize on your Android. Which Android modifications do you find to be the most helpful in your daily life?

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