The Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs
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The Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs

There is a whole world of opportunities out there for those who want to explore the different types of truck driving jobs. Each type offers its own set of unique challenges, rewards, and responsibilities, making this field incredibly diverse. Explore five types of trucking jobs to gain a better understanding of the options available to those interested in becoming truck drivers.

Dry Van Haulers

Dry van haulers are probably the most common position people think of when they envision truck drivers. A dry van hauler transports goods and products in large, closed-box trailers. Dealing with non-perishable items makes it one of the more popular types of truck driving jobs, and since these jobs are in high demand, dry van hauler positions are relatively easy to find. This type of job does usually require a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), as well as a certain level of physical strength and endurance to load and unload cargo.

Driveaway Drivers

Driveaway drivers primarily focus on transporting vehicles across the country; this may include light trucks, buses, and even personal cars. One of the advantages of being a driveaway driver is that unlike many other truck driving positions, this job often doesn’t require a specific truck license. Instead, these drivers may drive their assigned vehicles directly to their destinations. It’s an excellent option for those who enjoy the open road but don’t want the responsibilities attached to carrying heavy freight.

Hot Shot Haulers

Hot shot hauling is a niche market within the world of truck driving that focuses on rapid, expedited delivery. For those who enjoy fast-paced work and are willing to put in the hours, hot shot haulers are one of the most unique types of truck driving jobs available. Most hot shot haulers use lighter trucks or flatbeds instead of the larger rigs required for other types of truck driving jobs, which could make it easier for individuals to enter this field.

Tanker Truck Drivers

Tanker truck drivers are tasked with transporting liquid products such as chemicals, gases, and fuels. Due to the potentially hazardous nature of these loads, these drivers need to be vigilant and precise while operating vehicles. A tanker driver typically requires a tanker endorsement on their CDL, making it a more specialized role. The added responsibility and qualifications often result in higher wages than those of general freight drivers.

Freight Haulers

Freight haulers work with a range of cargo types, often depending on their employers’ contracts with different clients. This flexibility might include refrigerated goods, flatbed loads, or even livestock. Freight hauler positions can be extremely varied, offering drivers opportunities to expand their skillsets and stay adaptable in the trucking industry. This type of trucking job typically requires a Class A CDL as well as specialized training in handling specific types of cargo.

Operating a truck requires a lot of skill and precision. With so many different options for truck driving jobs, you can find a position that involves working locally or one that requires driving across the country. Experience the rich and exciting world of truck driving today by finding the position that best fits your needs!

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