The Hearing Health Issues You Should be Aware Of

Looking after your hearing health is a key part of taking care of your overall health and wellbeing in a positive way. In order for you to properly protect your hearing and make the right decisions regarding its health, you’ll need to understand the threats and potential issues that are out there. We’re going to talk about exactly that today, so read on to find out more about all of the main hearing health issues you need to be aware of going forward.

Conductive Hearing Loss


Conductive hearing loss most commonly comes about when there’s something blocking the passage of sound through the ear canal or sometimes the middle of the ear. Getting something stuck in the ear or dealing with damage that leads to blockage is common. Ear wax also presents a particular problem when it comes to conductive hearing loss, and we’ll talk about than in more depth below. In some instances the blockage can come about as a result of a tumor or allergy.


Sensorineural Hearing Loss


Sensorineural hearing loss is a hearing health condition that can come about as a result of problems with either the inner ear, cochlea or vestibulocochlear nerve. It’s also the most common type of hearing loss, accounting for around 90% of instances. It can be caused by aging, genetic risk factors or simply the exposure of your ears to loud noises. It can occur gradually, making it difficult to spot for some people.




Tinnitus tends to come about as a result of exposure to loud noises, but it can also be experienced as a symptom of other hearing problems such as hearing loss. It’s characterized by a ringing in the inner ear, although other kinds of sounds can be experienced too. Some have symptoms that are overwhelming and making focusing difficult but others have less severe symptoms.. It can be treated through therapy or the use of hearing aids, but there’s no specific cure for tinnitus.


Compacted Ear Wax Problems


Compacted ear wax can lead to blockage in the ear canal that makes hearing difficult. The problem is often exacerbated when people try to clear their own ears out with cotton buds because this tends to compact the ear wax, creating further hearing difficulties. If you think you have ear xaw problems, choosing a professional ear cleaning service is definitely the way to go.


Ear Infection


Ear infections can not only be incredibly painful to deal with, but also cause lasting damage to the inner ear. That’s something that no one wants to be dealing with, and it’s why ear infections that take more than a few days to clear up should always be treated professionally to prevent lasting damage from taking place.


Each of these hearing issues can be detrimental to your long-term hearing health, and if you start to notice any of the symptoms associated with them, you should seek professional support immediately. Many of them can be avoided by using hearing protection and caring for your ears better.

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