The Lasagne Whisperer

Like those perfectly worn-in shoes you just never want to take off, a lasagna dish is necessary to combat the colder months. Everyone knows how to make it; the rules are simple! But does anyone know how to perfect it? It turns out; it may not be that easy to score an amazing batch.

Follow these easy to become the lasagna whisperer!

Best Ingredients

All-beef is not the best, many people use ground beef in their tomato sauce, but try adding pork (or sausage,) it’ll become your friend; a beef-and-pork combo is incredible. Just add half the beef you would usually use, and for the other half, add porc.

Use fresh whole milk mozzarella and ricotta when possible. Whole milk may be higher in calories, but it is a lot richer, packed full of more flavour. Besides, who’s counting their calories for a lasagna?

Consider upping your cheese game by layering in some béchamel; this is a French white sauce that makes a lasagna the absolute dream. Add a layer of this richness to cut the tomato sauce’s tang.

Build With Love And Care

Invest in a proper lasagna pan, one that is at least 3 inches deep, so you won’t have that top layer bubble over the side and making a mess in the bottom of your oven.

Now it’s time to start layering. Cover the bottom of the pan first with a thick layer of sauce (so the pasta doesn’t stick to the pan,) then layer in pasta, followed by a third of your cheese mixture, then more sauce. Keep repeating this until you’ve reached the top.

(The final layer of pasta needs to be completely covered in sauce to prevent it from becoming brittle. Some shredded cheese should dust the top.)

Cook Perfectly

Cover with foil before baking (usually at 375 for an hour), then take off the foil and bake for an additional 15 minutes so the cheese on top becomes a wonderful golden brown. Once removed from the oven, let it sit for 10 minutes before cutting into it; this avoids your layers from sliding apart.

(If you have kids, sneaking veg into this dish works wonders, just be sure to Cut It Fine and don’t add too many different varieties. Watery vegetables like mushrooms, squash, and spinach may make your lasagna real soupy that just ends up slipping straight off the spatula the moment it leaves the pan. If you really want to up the veggies though, sauté them first in a frying pan and then drain off the excess liquid.

Now you have the secrets, try them out at home. Why not make a dinner party out of it? Not only will you and your friends be eating the best lasagna in town, but you will also be surrounded by the ones you love.

So get the nice glasses out and decorate your table! (A rich red wine works wonders with this dish!)


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