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The Mammoth Sleeping Bag from TETONsports Review

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I am going to start this post off by pointing out my favorite thing about TETONsports as a company rather than diving right in about the product. The following is my opinions based on my own personal experience and what I look for from a company. I am very big on service and if a company lacks in that department you can guarantee I will not be back.

Since I have been in contact with TETONsports I have experienced nothing but courteous, professional mannerisms and that speaks volumes in a day where you can hardly get a representative to greet you.  Teton recognizes the importance of a happy customer and the impact an unsatisfied customer can have on their business.  I think sometimes large companies forget how they started and who keeps them where they are today.  The folks at TETONsports, just under a decade old, realize that bigger is not always better and they concentrate on providing 100% satisfaction to their smaller customer base rather than putting out mass quantities and sacrificing quality and their integrity.

Ok, so the important stuff out of the way,  moving on to the good stuff!   You would not believe this sleeping bag that we received from Teton!   It is called the Mammoth Sleeping Bag +20.     And Mammoth it is !  WOW!   This sleeping bag is BIGGER than a Queen Size Comforter.  The sleeping bag measures  94″ Long x 62″ Wide.  A regular queen comforter normally measures 80″ x 60″ !

Check out this picture of  it on my bed , it hangs way over the edge.


Huge right?  I know !   My  husband and I never bothered to get our own sleeping bags because we would never use them the way we are suppose to anyways. We would just end up unzipping them and laying on one, covering with the other and I knew that would not be warm enough.  We live in Maine so that means if we want to camp any time before or after July and August we have to be prepared for cooler temperatures.

So,  I found myself packing a sheet set, blanket and queen size comforter for over our air mattress.  Way more to pack and cram into our Jeep than I wanted.   I had no idea sleeping bags this size even existed!   Now we will have less to pack, more room in the Jeep, be warmer, be able to cuddle up and also (a big thing for me) not feel Claustrophobic.  There is enough room in this sleeping bag for my family of 4, so guaranteed I am not going to feel as though I can not move.

Some other great features to the Mammoth Sleeping Bag

  •  There are two types :  the +20° weather rated and 0° weather rated.  What this means basically is that the bag will keep you warm down to those temperatures.   
  • Mammoth bags can be zipped together
  • There is a drawstring “hood” at the top of the bag that you can close up tightly around you to keep drafts out or like I told my husband will work to keep our pillows in place.
  • The bag is lined with quilted flannel which is super soft and so warm.  From what I understand also, there is double stitched sections that help to keep the filling in the bag where it is suppose to be.  This will keep it from bunching up inside and causing cool spots.
  • My favorite feature are the zippers. The zippers on this bag are massive. If you have ever owned an everyday sleeping bag, you know how cheesey the zippers are.  The break, split, constantly snag on the fabric.   These will not , They are huge, high quality, no snag zippers that are self repairing and open different ways so that you can let some air in if you wish.  For example, leave the sides zipped up nice and snug, but you can open the bottom to let your feet out OR air in.  How cool is that???!!!

Here is a picture of the zipper, you can see this is not your average sleeping bag zipper.

There are also velcro flaps that cover all the zippers so that you do not end up laying on them!


Flannel Lined Super Soft Quilted Liner


The Mammoth Sleeping Bag comes in its own pack with carrying straps and weighs about 15lbs.

When we first looked at the bag I asked myself  “How is THAT sleeping bag going back in THAT carry bag?”

Look for yourself,  Here it is  :


Ok, so you see where I am coming from right?   It is common knowledge that most things you buy do not ever go back in their box, bag or what have you,  the same way that they came out.  So I was prepared with a separate carry bag that we could put this in.   My husband and I tried for a half hour to fold this, roll it, squish the air out,  nothing worked.

 So I emailed TETONsports and wouldn’t you know it,  they had a solution for me within minutes.  All we had to do was “STUFF” our Mammoth into its carry bag.  Yes,  stuff it.   I laughed.   Here I am thinking ok, this is going to require some seriously precise folding and rolling to get this in the bag.  You know,  like with a tent where if you forget to roll the poles up inside the tent it is never going on the bag!  Well,  that is not the case here.   All you do is stuff it in the bag.   If you think I am crazy,  check out this super cool video tutorial!!

After we watched this video,  hubby tried it this way and just as easy as it shows in the video, he was able to stuff it in the bag!   I would never have thought of this.  SO easy!

I absolutely love this sleeping bag, I wish I had found it way before now.  It is SO soft, comfy and warm that I honestly want to put it on my bed and sleep in it.  If these  “well below” zero temperatures keep up I just might do that!  This is a great item of convenience and necessity.  I can not wait to use it for the first time camping this spring.   Usually the first time we go it is about 45 over night and I ALWAYS freeze.  I will come back and update everyone on how this worked out!

To read more about the Mammoth Sleeping Bag or to see all the other great camping gear and accessories that have please visit their website here

You can purchase the Mammoth and other TETONsports gear right from Amazon!


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Good luck!

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Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.


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