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The Modern Millionaires Review – Is it a scam?

The Modern Millionaires Review – Is it a scam?


The internet is full of courses and training programs that teach you how to make money online. The biggest problem with a big majority is that they are usually talking about affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or blogging in one way or another. Is Modern Millionaires one of those scams? Or is it a legit course?


Truth is, you can make money while working as an affiliate marketer or blogger but there’s intense competition, which means you really have to be on top of your game to be able to succeed. Even then, it can take ages before your blog or affiliate website can start to get some traffic.


The Modern Millionaires program is based on a different idea i.e. lead flipping.


Lead flipping is when you generate leads and sell them to businesses. It’s a legit business because you are fulfilling the never-ending demand for qualified leads. And you do not have to wait for months before you start earning. You can use PPC ads to reach your target audience and start getting and selling leads. 


Let see exactly how this works:  

The Modern Millionaires Founders – Abdul and Chance


First of all, let’s meet the masterminds that created this course: Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony Welton.


They met by fortuitous chance, and hit it off very well; it didn’t take long for them to put their plans into motion.They made a lot of money as they grew their businesses (top-notch digital marketing agencies, by the way), but they got to the top of their career thanks to the Modern  Millionaire course.


It’s a well planned course, well thought out, and it has earned both of them millions of dollars.


Chance and Abdul are two very smart people who really go out of their way to ensure the success of their students. There are already a few new millionaires thanks to them – and they have a lot of social proof. 


They have created a community of people who are building their own success stories. They work hard, so only having them as mentors is probably worth the cost of the course. 

Reviewing the Modern Millionaires course contents: 


  • Modern Millionaires Private Facebook Group


The Modern Millionaires Facebook group is your one-stop resource for finding exciting new ways to grow your business, network with like-minded individuals and professionals, and make new connections in a fun, encouraging environment. They’ve created a space that is tailored for entrepreneurs of all skill levels and business experience levels.


You’ll have a safe place to ask questions and get answers from amazing people. It’s great to be in a community of people who are working hard to achieve their goals.


  • One-to-one Mentoring Calls with the Coaches


Every week they schedule 1-1 phone calls to go over all of your questions and stay on top of all the action. It is a godsend if you are trying to get advice on setting up your lead gen site, and they are always willing to give you their honest opinion.


No matter how much experience you have or what industry you’re in, asking questions and getting the right answers is extremely valuable. 


They also schedule group Zoom calls, which are a great way to meet other entrepreneurs. The people there have made their careers from helping others – either by building lead gen businesses or assisting other entrepreneurs – so they know what it’s like being an entrepreneur, how to navigate relationships with employees or suppliers, and what questions to ask yourself when looking for new clients. 


Modern Millionaires Course Cost:

The modern millionaires have a small entry fee of less than $10 so you can get a feel of it. Getting access to all resources including some proprietor tool might cost as much as $5000. This is because the course is not teaching good-for-nothing methods like blogging or dropshipping. It actually teaches you to build and grow a proper lead generation agency. You need to invest some time and money to learn something “real”. Quick sessions with business coaches or mentors can cost more than this. If the cost is too high, you can consider trying another way to make money online


Module 1 – The Basics of Lead generation


The first module is all about preparation. This is important for people who haven’t run their own business before. It starts by giving you an overview of how to get started and make the most of this course. There’s a section with tips on how to be more productive. 


Thankfully, the course doesn’t keep beating around the bush and gets to real stuff like Niche selection and finding clients. This probably is the most important part because choosing the right niche will make your life so easy. 


Choosing a niche means uncovering what others are interested in. While this sounds simple, it’s hard to know what others are talking about online because everyone posts about different things. 


In this first module, you will get a list with +100 hot niches that are working right now to help you get through that. 


What Modern Millionaires Teach?


The founders or coaches will emphasize on picking something after looking at your own interests or local market. Don’t just pick a niche that sounds good. 


Look at the data and research how it will impact your business. Take notes on any sites or forums that might help or hinder your efforts. Now is the time to put pen to paper and write down things you want for your business, things you want people to remember about you, and things you want them to take away from your business.


The last two sections in this module will show you how to set up your agency website (remember that this website will not be used for lead generation).


Module 2 – Setting up the Sales System


The second module enables you to streamline everything related to prospecting and sales. You will learn how to set up CRM and subdomains. Two parts show how to do cold email marketing or use LinkedIn to get in touch with potential clients. 


In part one of this module they tackle the essential elements of effective cold email marketing. You’ll explore why sending cold emails is a well-researched and tested way to engage prospects and find out how much these techniques cost. They also show you how to run a few experiments to see how effective these tactics actually are. 


Finally, they finish up with some practical tips on how to position yourself effectively on LinkedIn through this medium and with other services.


Most social networks are designed for marketing. They give celebrities, brands and companies the ability to interact with people on a very deep level. 


The problem is that not everyone follows the rules. When looking to get noticed by reputable sources or potential clients, you should be aware of how easy it can be to use LinkedIn for networking. The Modern Millionaires course gives you an A-Z insight of the steps you should take to do it. 


Remember that we are still working to build a database of potential buyers. This is important because we want to have the clients ready even before we start spending on Paid ads.


Module 3A, 3B, 3C – Getting the Traffic


Once you are done with closing the deals with potential buyers, it’s time to start generating the leads. And for that, you will need to get potential customers on your website or landing pages. 


A well-optimized landing page can convert a lot of visitors into leads. Leads are what matter in the industry; they’re what potential customers need to convert into purchasing something. The better you optimize your landing page, the more easily people will find you and convert into leads. Many expert SEOs often recommend optimizing landing pages for search engines so they can get better placements on search engines’ search results pages (SERPs). Once people see your ad on a SERP, they have a much easier time pulling the trigger and buying what you have to offer.


Google and Facebook Ads are unarguably the two most powerful mediums and there are two modules dedicated to these platforms. 


Modern Millionaires BBB:

Before we continue with the course contents, it is worth noting that the Modern Millionaires has an impressive BBB rating of 4.8 out of 5. And it is based on almost 50 reviews. The course also enjoys some good reviews or platforms like Trustpilot, Quora, or Reddit.  


As experienced digital marketers and trainers, the founders will show you what audience you should be targeting, how to best promote yourself and your businesses on Google Ads, and how to maximize the ROI from each ad campaign. 


These modules are jam packed with information and examples that will immediately help you target a different group of people — first time digital marketers and trainers looking to expand your reach or simplify your promotional process. 


You’ll learn: -How to target customers in the right way for increased traffic and sales from Google Ads -How to track conversions and optimize your campaigns


You will also get a lot of tips and tricks that you need to improve your Cost per Acquisition. 


When it comes to Facebook ads, the idea behind the modules is to give you the knowledge and skills needed to easily run Facebook ads. 


Once you learn the basics through their more than 31 in-depth videos on the matter, you can move on to other post formats that use Facebook ads better. This section has been built with educational content in mind but also contains techniques and strategies you can use right away. 


They’ll teach you, among other things, how to attract targeted traffic to your Facebook page  and how to target the right people based on their interests and profile information – even if they don’t like your brand or product. 


Because Facebook is such a powerful platform, with so many people joining or leaving groups depending on the ad content they see, this course gives you the ability to test out new ideas in a safe environment with real visitors from around the globe joining in on your fun.


The last module is about converting these visitors into leads.


Module 4 – Automation


Automation is important because you cannot grow your business if you have to do everything on your own.


Have you ever wondered how some millionaires managed to build their wealth without paying any attention to the nuts and bolts of business?


In this last module, there’s a detailed section about creating an automated system using project management tools. That means: To save time and effort by automating tasks and making things happen automatically by using software, databases or any other assistance.


Automation can be scary and risky but it’s ultimately quite rewarding. Hiring and staffing the right people can be the difference between starting and stopping projects that make you money. By automating tasks that used to take you hours per week (and sometimes days!) you can free up your time for growing your business and personal life.


As Abdul says, if you ignore the importance of staff and hire people who are just going to fill slots, then your business growth will stall, possibly even collapse.


The Modern Millionaires course can be a great opportunity if you have the time and money to invest. Businesses are always looking for sales-ready leads so you will never run out of clients. And there’s always an option to expand and get into another industry so you can easily grow to a six or seven-figure business.


Isn’t that what you want?

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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