The Must have Footwear for Every Woman: Do You Really Need More Shoes?

The answer to the question regarding whether or not you need more shoes is quite simple, and it’s a yes! There’s a saying about women not being able to have enough shoes and most women would openly or secretly tend to agree with that statement. Unfortunately, we cannot all be like Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey and dedicate entire rooms to our personal shoe collections. Having said that, you still need to have a pair or two of the essentials, of course, and unless you have every item we are going to mention next, it’s time to go shopping again.

The Regular Sneaker

If there was one common topic about shoes that men and women could actually bond over, it would have to be the latest sneakers because they are just so comfortable, stylish, and versatile simultaneously. Get a pair from Adidas or Reebok in a darker shade for regular use and it will serve you well during your daily runs, gym sessions, casual meets with friends, gardening, walking around the house, and just about everything else that doesn’t require getting into a dress.

Designer Sneakers

What happens when the top luxury fashion brands in the world start making sneakers? Luxury, comfort, versatility, style, and exclusivity are all blended into a single pair of shoes called designer sneakers. Gucci sneakers or designer sneakers, in general, are like regular sneakers on steroids; they turn an already popular and comfortable shoe type into something that speaks volumes about your taste in fashion.

The Gucci sneakers you will find on SSENSE are premium shoes made by a premium brand, so you can expect them to instantly add style to any casual attire, but pay attention to what you are going to wear with the shoes as well. The Black Vintage Rhython Sneakers are more suited for a more colorful hip hop style of dressing, while the Ivory Rhython Rainbow Glitter will look picture perfect when coupled with a pair of blue shorts and a white tee. SSENSE has a wide collection of Gucci sneakers, so do take a good look around before deciding.

The Pump Shoe

You should have a whole range of pump shoes and not just one pair, but if you had to choose just one, buy a pair of high-quality black pumps and then buy a pair of red pump shoes next! Open toe pumps are quite popular nowadays as well, so as long as you don’t plan to wear them during the winter, they are trendy options to have for the late spring and summer months. Get at least a pair of animal printed pumps as well, because they are just so sensual.

The Ankle Boot

The ankle boot is a must-have for winters when you start showing off those leather jackets, but they can be worn at any time of the year, as long as the outfit is matched appropriately. Shorts, jeans, miniskirts; the ankle boot makes them all look great. While black has a more sensual appeal, brown is more versatile and if you can, buy a pair in both colors for various occasions.

Even if you have this checklist all taken care of, there is likely still room for a new pair of Gucci sneakers in there!

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