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The Proven Benefits Of Using Portable Standing Desks In Your Workspace

The Proven Benefits Of Using Portable Standing Desks In Your Home Workspace


Are you looking to redesign your workspace to maximize comfort and productivity? If so, you will want to consider investing in portable standing desks for your workspace. In this article, we will talk about some of the proven benefits of using portable standing desks in your workspace.


Benefits Of Portable Standing Desks:


  1. Lower Risk Of Obesity

Perhaps one of the more established well-known benefits of standing desks is the ability to reduce the risk of obesity. When it comes to developing obesity, chairs can be major contributors. Studies have shown that long periods of sitting can dramatically decrease the overall speed of your metabolism. Thus, it is going to be much more likely that your body stores extra fat when you endure long periods of sitting sessions throughout each day. Thus, by incorporating a stand-up desk in your work life, you will be able to minimize the overall risk of obesity almost instantly. After all, you will be standing throughout the day instead of sitting for prolonged periods of time which is going to increase your metabolism.


Whereas, if you were to sit for long periods it would slow your metabolism down to a crawl. In fact, you can burn as much as .7 calories per minute more by simply standing throughout each day according to the researchers from the University of Chester. This can add up to around 50 calories an hour which can add up to an even more significant amount over the entire course of a year.


  1. Increase Your Lifespan

Another significant reason you might want to consider making an immediate investment in a standing window desk from Desk View is that it can effectively increase your lifespan significantly. This just goes to show how significantly unhealthy sitting for long periods throughout the day can be. By simply switching to standing while you work, you should be able to maximize your lifespan.


  1. Decrease Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Another significant benefit that can come from using portable standing desks is the ability to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Sitting is one of the worst activities that you can take part in throughout each day. This is why a lot of people that work at a desk each and every day end up developing cardiovascular disease. By switching to a standing desk, you are going to be much less susceptible to developing cardiovascular disease.


  1. Better Productivity Levels


While you might think the benefits stop with your body, that is not the case. In fact, it is proven that standing up while working actually has a positive effect on your mind as well. Long periods of sitting can thin brain structures that are essential for building up memory. Thus, if you want to keep your memory as strong as possible, you should avoid sitting for long periods of time. Along with this, long periods of sitting can cause fatigue, mood swings, and poor energy levels. A simple way to provide yourself with more expendable energy is by standing up while you work instead of sitting. That way, you will be able to maximize the amount of energy that you have to work with which can help you achieve better production.


  1. Lower Risk Of Cancer

Another significant health benefit that you can get from making the simple transition from sitting while working to standing would be a lower overall risk of developing cancer. Those that sit for long periods of time are at a much higher risk of developing a variety of forms of cancer than those that spent a majority of their time standing.


  1. Better Comfort

While you might assume that sitting is more comfortable than standing for long periods of time, that is simply not the case. In fact, standing can be much more comfortable when in the most ergonomic position. Sitting is something that contributes to back pain among a majority of the population. The problem with sitting for long periods of time stems from the fact that our bodies were not designed to be in the position for long periods. Sitting is unnatural to our spine. Thus, it can cause significant inflammation and discomfort. When you sit too often, it can cause curvatures in your spine and it can even cause physical pain. Thus, to avoid experiencing this type of pain from sitting, you might want to stand instead. If standing for long periods of time becomes tiresome, you can simply invest in anti-fatigue mats to stand on.


  1. Portability

When you make the decision to invest in a portable standing desk, you are going to have the option to move it around. This alone is going to provide unique benefits on its own. Not only is it going to allow you to have much more versatility with its use-case, but it is going to allow you to get much more use out of the desk because you will be able to use it where you might need it at any time.


Overall, there are a lot of different benefits that you can get from investing in a portable stand up desk over a traditional sit-down desk. It is going to allow you to achieve a better and much more comfortable working position and posture. Along with this, it can help you maximize the energy that you are able to produce and work with on a daily basis. It will also provide you with a much healthier option that you can convert to which is going to increase your metabolism, reduce your risk of obesity, reduce your risk of developing cancer, and even boost your memory and productivity at the same time. It is one of the best investments you can make in your home workspace for your health and productivity because of its many benefits.

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