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The Spice Lab – Barbecue Seasoning Set Review

The Spice Lab – Barbecue Seasoning Set Review

The product mentioned was received in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are mine and may vary from the thoughts of others.

What We Thought

I love cooking and I am always on the lookout for delicious spices and spice mixes to change things up, especially when I dabble in low carb cooking because flavor keeps things exciting! And with summer approaching, we are always on the grill and looking for new marinades and rubs for our grilled meats. Barbecue is one of my favorite preparations because it’s delicious and so versatile, so I was really excited to open up this awesome boxed set from The Spice Lab! Over the last few weeks my husband has been working a crazy, abnormal schedule so I have been doing everything possible to make dinner easy on myself! One of my favorite cooking appliances is my air fryer so I am always on the lookout for meals that I can cook in that. I had taken some chicken legs out the day that I got these spices so I decided to test each spice on a single chicken leg. I love using spice mixes because they add a LOT of flavor with not a lot of effort- perfect for an easy dinner and really perfect for a last minute dinner, because I am forever forgetting to take something out of the freezer to cook! I coated the chicken at lunch time and let them marinate until dinner time- they tasted as if they’d been marinating all day! The spices adhered to the chicken well and really permeated the chicken legs and gave them great flavor. I think my favorite blend was the ancho chili and coffee rub but I truly loved all of them. Bad to the Bone is a little tangy with a citrus note but still has a great barbecue flavor, the Sweet Rib Rub tastes like a barbecue potato chip (yum!), the Smoky Pecan is just a great, not-too-spicy rub and the Ancho chili & Coffee rub has a great, deep flavor without being too spicy or overwhelmingly coffee flavored. None of the blends were too spicy or too sweet, they were all VERY flavorful and quite good! And they’re all so versatile- the label suggests using on beef, pork or chicken and they truly would all be delicious on any of those meats. I also baked a whole chicken with Bad to the Bone and it was really tasty! These will totally become a staple in my cooking as they’re perfect for switching your everyday chicken or pork chop up, they’re a great way to add tons of flavor in a short amount of time and they’re so stinking easy! Plus the bottles are huge so they’ll last a long time and we’ll get tons of meals out of them.

Top to bottom – Ancho Chili & Coffee, Smoky Pecan, Sweet Rib, and Bad to the Bone.

About the company

As a woman-owned and family-run business, The Spice Lab takes great pride in offering the widest selection of sea salts from a single source. Its ever expanding line of products include peppers, spices, seasonings, rubs, loose teas, Gourmet Gift Collections, Himalayan salt shot glasses and plates, regional brands, private labeling, a wide array of corporate gifts and more.

The Spice Lab has been raking in awards since 2012 and it’s very easy to see why! Check out their website for a wide array of offerings, from spice rubs to exotic teas to salt plates and reusable straws. Big thanks to The Spice Lab for this great set and for introducing us to their amazing products!

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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