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The Tips You Need For The Perfect Bachelor Pad Bathroom!

In most houses, the bathroom is an inherently feminine place to be. Soft colours to enhance relaxation in the tub, gentle decor and fancy lighting don’t really scream masculinity for most. When you’re a dude who wants to have your home decorated, the bathroom is one place you need to makeover to fit with the rest of the bachelor pad look you’re going for.


Your bathroom is your domain for showering, relaxing baths and grooming, so you need to have the right storage for Beard products and shampoos. You can also have new drawers installed for all of your shaving gear and towels – it’ll still be masculine! With the tips that you have below, you can make your bathroom look fantastic, masculine and relaxing at the same time. Let’s take a look:

Think About Colours

The right colours will ensure that your bathroom remains as masculine as you like for your bachelor pad. Instead of pinks and pastels, choose a palette of grey, with natural stone decor and counters. Earthy colours are the perfect way to go for a masculine, muted look. Choose the colours that call to you, but make sure that you actually like them before you redecorate.

Go Natural

Natural materials are going to make your bathroom align with the other rooms in the house. If you have a natural theme in the kitchen, you can do the same in the bathroom and really carry the theme through the house. Natural materials like stone are going to enhance the way that your bathroom looks and give you something to be proud of!

Add Greenery

You don’t have to go with real plants if you’re likely to just let them die, but adding greenery will add some life into your bathroom. Fake greenery will still make your bathroom look masculine, but you’ll be able to make the room stand out. If you think you won’t like vases of pot plants in the bathroom, why not a vine wall? Climbing vines and ivy can give a little colour to the smallest room of the house.

Storage Is Key!

We mentioned storage for your grooming products and towels, but you need to make sure that this is the right storage for your bathroom. Think about mounting shelves and cabinets to the walls to free up the floor space, and you can also add new shower storage, too. With the right storage, you get clean lines and tidy surfaces, which you need for a successful modern look.


You don’t need to go old-school with the shower curtains and rugs, but you can have a water-absorbing mat and a glass shower front instead. These accessories for the bathroom are going to enhance the space and be functional at the same time. Add a little luxury with a wall-mounted towel heater, too, and you can ensure that you have toasty towels every single time you shower!


With these tips, you can make sure that your bathroom is the perfect bachelor pad bathroom!

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