The Top 4 Leather Furniture Trends to Try Before 2019


The Top 4 Leather Furniture Trends to Try Before 2019

It is irrefutable that leather furniture trends are flocking the interior design market. Even when perusing home magazines and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you will find enough proof to affirm that leather furniture trends are on the rise. Although they lean on the pricey side, they come with comfort and a touch of classiness as well as sophistication. This gives you more reason to add leather furniture to your space. With the various trends in the interior design world, below are the top four you should try before 2019;  


Vintage works almost for everything. From fashion to cars, and even house décor. It never goes out of style. Leather furniture trends are seeing the return of antique shapes and builds that will perfectly go with just about any kind of décor. Also, the classic designs come in different colors from black to brown, grey, navy blue, white, and more. So whether you want a color that goes well with your white faux rug or your bright living room, you are covered.

Leather-fabric furniture trends

The leather-fabric furniture combo is a trend that you don’t want to miss out on before 2019. While leather and fabric furniture look amazing on their own, the two can be combined and the result is surprisingly stunning. Also, depending on what you like, two different color blends can be used to kill the monotony of one color. You can get a customized design of your choice at the Wellington’s Leather Furniture because it is hard to find such a combo in different designs.

Light leather hues

In the recent past, leather furniture was common in dark shades like brown and black but now, there are lighter hues. It is easier now to find a color that marries well with any décor palette and design. Even with the darker colors, you can add colorful throws and pillows, pair the furniture with a colorful rug or use bright art to kill the moodiness. This also helps to create a balance to your space because leather furniture may look chubby and heavy especially if a room is not implemented well.

For dark interiors…

Leather furniture makes a perfect fit for dark interiors. A space with dull walls, vintage décor, brown rugs, accent tables, and generally a warm vibe will get complimented well by leather furniture. In addition to the multiple modern and classic designs, the vintage silhouettes will create a retro vibe in your space. Optionally, you can choose simple designs with brighter colors if you want to break the monotony of the dark interior. They will perfectly contrast the room while keeping it simple and elegant.

Bottom Line

2018 has seen a rise in leather furniture trends, both modern classy and vintage. All of these trends offer a wide range of selection, from colors to shapes and sizes. Pick what works best for your space considering your décor. It is also important to note that the textures are different in quality.  

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