The Versatility of Total Gym Accessories

The Versatility of Total Gym Accessories

The idea of having a gym session in the comfort of your own home has taken off in recent years – and has become especially attractive since many people have been subject to lockdowns due to the spread of the Coronavirus. however, even once these lockdown regulations are listed, for many fitness-focused individuals, the idea of going to a crowded gym does not hold much appeal. 

For this reason (and many others) home gym equipment has become increasingly popular. However, what home gym setups really provide that extra value that makes the investment worth it?

This will depend on a variety of factors. The gym must not take up that much floor space (especially important in smaller living spaces such as apartments) and should offer those with a variety of fitness goals the opportunity to enjoy a variety of workout experiences and exercises. The versatility offered by the home gym equipment and the accessories that further increase the utility and enjoyment of that home gym. The combination of standard equipment and accessories should also allow the home gym enthusiast to enjoy variety – and workouts that grow with them as their fitness levels increase.

There is one home gym equipment manufacturer that ticks all the boxes when it comes to supplying products that meet all of these criteria – and this is Total Gym. The equipment and accessories manufactured by Total Gym rely on using bodyweight as a form of resistance. The glide board which is at the core of the Total Gym experience can be set at several different incline levels, which makes the Total Gym equipment suitable for enjoying a home gym experience that is extremely close to that which is offered by world-class gyms across the globe.

Total Gym home setups are suitable for those who enjoy a fitness orientated lifestyle and may have goals that include building muscle mass, core strength or increasing fitness levels in preparation for sports that have a heavy aerobic component.

The versatility of the Total Gym makes it ideal for those who want to enjoy the full circuit training experience. The fact that there are no weights (as is the case with other, competing products) means that switching between exercises is stress-free and the tempo of the workout is not interrupted.

The versatility of the Total Gym system is found in every one of their products. For instance, the Total Gym Supreme, which offers incredible value for money allows those exercising at home to enjoy more than 60 exercises, while the top of the range Total Gym GTS offers more than 200 exercises (and this gym’s ability to handle up to 650 pounds has also made it tremendously popular).

However, it is not just the design of the Total Gym itself that makes it so versatile – it is also the enormous range of the accessories that are available for the system. It is difficult to select the best from the incredible variety of Total Gym accessories – however, several have received recognition and five-star ratings from consumers based on the ability of the accessories to add to the Total Gym experience. 

Among the best of these accessories for Total Gym is the Cyclotrainer, which allows users to up the cardio portion of their workout with a cycle experience that offers an additional low impact option to the Total Gym experience. The two-piece wing attachment targets the upper and lower body to build muscle mass and strength. The ‘Ab Cruncher’ is the most popular accessory for the Total Gym, which targets the body’s core, and works out legs, glutes and back. This accessory is great to help those who suffer from back pain and sciatica. 

A quality gym will boast robust construction and will be based on the manufacturer’s years of experience. It will have a track record that shows that consumers continue to use it in record numbers. Total Gym’s home exercise setups and the manufacturer’s numerous accessories are found in over 3 million homes in the United States and they have been producing home gym’s (and accessories) for over 11 years – to much critical acclaim.

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