Things to Remember When Buying Engagement Rings Online

Buying diamond rings online can be cheaper than purchasing them from high-end stores because the latter has unnecessary overhead expenses added to the final cost. However, buying online comes with its own drawbacks, especially the chances of getting scammed. 


Following tips will help you buy engagement rings online at best price without getting scammed.   


Check for Legitimate Diamond Certificates

You can always play it safe by asking for diamond certificates before making any purchase. Any reluctance in selling the certified diamond should make you suspicious of the authenticity of the seller. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society) are usually the best. You can be buying engagement rings from a Dubai store like Fergus James and still be confident about the authenticity if it’s coming with a GIA certificate.

Demand a proper and complete grading chart with each diamond you are shortlisting so that you can effectively compare and verify the prices and qualities.


Make Sure You Get the Right Cut

One of the downsides of shopping online is that you are unable to try what you are looking to buy. But it’s not difficult to know which cut will compliment your fingers the most. For example, sturdier and shorter fingers look stunning paired with oval, rose, round, or pear cuts. Whereas longer, slender fingers can pull off the round, cushion, marquise, princess, and cushion cut better.  


Consider Delivery and/or Shipping Costs

You may have to stretch your budget later if you do not consider the shipping and delivery costs beforehand. Inquire about these extra charges and try to fit them into your budget, although they tend to be minimal but it is better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, get an official online document emailed to you so that no one can tamper with the prices or scam you later.


Place an Order Well Ahead of the Event

Make sure that you are not placing an order too close to the date of the proposal – this might just ruin your surprise. Shipping may take more time than anticipated. Make sure that the shipment is insured and they are using a reliable courier.


Look for Loose Stones

Loose diamonds are significantly cheaper than a completely designed diamond ring. Buying loose diamonds online at significantly cheaper rates is a more feasible deal. You can get it designed as you want from local curators and save a significant amount. Additionally, you can purchase different kinds of precious stones as well at cheaper rates. You can also keep tabs on annual sales to save more.


Demand a Diamond Grading Report

You won’t be able to inspect the diamond in person, ask for a grading report. Consult local professionals if you do not know how to interpret one. Moreover, ask for high definition, good quality pictures of diamonds of variable cuts and clarity. This way you can compare and confirm whether the grading report is correct or not. While shopping online keep in mind that the grading report is a better tool for assessing the quality of the diamond instead of the photographs attached – the latter can be deceiving.


Check for the Shop Location

Do not buy from an online store that doesn’t have a verifiable location given on the website. Any good online store will have a Google Business listing with lots of reviews. Most authentic shops do not have any problem divulging their location – only a non-existent, fraudulent shop would keep this information from the customer. Similarly, a good business will have all sorts of channels that you can use to communicate like phone, whatsapp, facebook page, and so on.


Wait for Online Sales

The best part about shopping online is that you will be promptly notified about any ongoing sales or promotions. Simply subscribe to the website’s newsletter and you will be updated through email. It is a great way of saving extra bucks.


Opt for Vintage Jewelry

Most online stores pride themselves in preserving years old jewelry – they will share the exact era these pieces are coming from and they often have an intriguing story associated with these rings. Although they may require extra care, they can still be bought at relatively low prices and certainly make for an outstanding ornament.


Online shopping has more pros than cons and it is becoming less risky with the passage of time. You need to perform a little due diligence and you will be fine.

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