Things You Can Do With Beer You Didn’t Know
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Things You Can Do With Beer You Didn’t Know

Beer is the drink of choice for many people during hot-weather months because it’s a cold, flavorful beverage. Each year, beer is one of the most popular and sold-out products because it pairs well with different foods, is inexpensive, and has relaxing properties.

However, various characteristics make this beverage useful for purposes beyond just quenching your thirst. These things you can do with beer you didn’t know will inform you about how versatile and effective beer is in different applications.

Remove Stains

Carbonated drinks, such as beer, can help remove stains from your clothes and other fabrics because they attach to and weaken stains. Directly apply some beer drops to a stain, let it bubble for a few minutes, and then use a toothbrush to scrub the area. However, since beer usually has a brown tint, it’s best to use this technique on colored fabrics instead of whites.

Season Food

You can use beer to season food like steak and chicken for an enhanced flavor, a better crisp, and a consistent texture. Beers like ales, stouts, and wheat beer are the best options because they pair and cook nicely without the bitter taste. However, any beer made with the most popular hop varieties in the US will work and add delicious flavor to your food.

Get a Beach Tan

Hops don’t just add flavor, aroma, and herbs to your beer—it also has beta-carotene, which protects you from sunlight and activates your skin’s melatonin. Therefore, applying beer to your skin and sitting under the sun for some time can give your skin a golden-brown color. You can use any beer, from light to dark, because hops give you an even tan. Also, the best way to apply it is with a spray bottle.

Make Fluffy Waffles

One of the things you didn’t know you could do with beer is make your waffles look fuller and fluffier, similar to what club soda does. When cooking, alcohol will evaporate from the beer, making it safe to consume normally. Even if you are dubious about this recipe, try it at least once— the amazing results will surprise you!

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